While I Had A Chance.. Front Yard Spruce Up

Today I was in a great mood and spontaneously bought some fall plants for out front. I haven’t paid any attention to the front yard in a while and it showed. Everything was dead. D E A D. It’s a little soon for Halloween decorations so I knew for a while I’d have to spruce it up a little for the rest of the year.

I ended up getting a corn stalk, 2 cabbages, 2 mums and 2 pretty plants I’m not familiar with. I wanted to surprise Aidan when he got home from work and I got it done just in time. It looks much better out there now with plants that are pretty and alive! Tomorrow I plan on getting a few more things, like a fall door mat and a fall flag and maybe another mum or cabbage for the big planter. It will look even cuter tomorrow when he gets home and I’ll take a few pictures.

As far as the back yard,  everything except the roses are done for the year. I have some lavender to transplant from the front yard and will just clean up the really ugly stuff. I might get a mum or cabbage for back there too but I’m not 100% yet. As long as the front looks good (better) I am happy.

Well. That’s all I have for today. Have any of you done any fall gardening? I’m glad I finally started getting it together after 2 months lol


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