A Thrilling Post About Jeans :P

Yesterday I finally bought myself a pair of jeans. This probably isn’t a big deal to anyone else but me — but to me, it is a big deal. I haven’t bought new (non-maternity) jeans for myself in years! I normally have a hard time finding a pair that fits just right because I’ve been blessed with a big rump and hips but yesterday I had luck with more than one pair :) I only chose to buy one pair though because at $80 a pop — plus the cost of hemming (and being a stay at home mom who lives in stretch pants) I couldn’t justify buying both pairs. I do need a pair for outings though so I feel fine about the ones I did buy!

I have to take the jeans back for alterations because I have short legs and the pants are super long but I am waiting til next weekend to do that because I put on a few pounds (3!) this week. I really think the 3 pounds is from the crazy amount of cookies I ate PMS. I feel bloated and cranky sooo.. Fingers crossed that’s why I am heavier. In any case even with the 3 extra pounds I fit into a size 8 again and my butt looks super awesome, oh that makes me smile :) Getting back to milf status is my goal now and maybe that’s totally shallow but having 2 kids in the past 3 years could be disastrous on a body (and mind) for a woman of my age so I am promising myself I won’t go down that road.

I’m itching to get to the gym and maybe will sneak in a visit this week. I can’t bring Maddox to the child center for another month so I’ll have to go at night when Aidan is home after work but if I can make the time I’m going to go for it. I know aside from being good for my body it will be good for my mind to get a little work out in. Well, that’s all I really have to write about today, I hope you all had a nice weekend so far. :)


4 thoughts on “A Thrilling Post About Jeans :P

  1. Well done you! Believe me, I know what a big deal this is. I finally got down to a size 10 after having Molly and I feel amazing being able to go into a shop and buy something that fits AND looks good AND doesn’t have elastic sides or an extendible waistband. I manage to squeeze daily 30 minute works outs into my day most days and I used to feel guilty about it because it was time I was spending away from my daughter, but I really am a big believer of women feeling comfortable in their own skin and wanting to look good isn’t vain or selfish, it’s a right and a tonic for our mental state I think!!! So enjoy your work outs and don’t worry about those 3lb, life is too short to obsess over every pound (as my husband has told me repeatedly every time I have a gain!!) x


    1. It’s great tat you workout every day! I am envious :) I’ll get to workout soon but it probably won’t be everyday!
      Isn’t trying clothes one of the worst things in the world when you don’t know what size you are? I had a feeling I was close to the size I was trying and was pleasantly surprised when they fit! If they didn’t I would have been so hard on myself even though that is silly. It’s so tough being a woman and then a mother on top of that.
      I’m glad you got past the part where you felt selfish for exercising, you aren’t at all, it makes you a better mom because when you feel good your baby will feel good! Thanks for the great comment and your support!


      1. I hated buying clothes when I wasn’t happy with my body because I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted, not I love buying clothes (much to my husbands dismay!!) hope you manage to get your work outs sorted soon and that you feel better for doing them. And yes, being a Woman is very difficult sometimes – all the pressure we put ourselves under, it’s so silly but we all do it! And then being a Mum is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done – I constantly beat myself up about everything! But as you say. we shouldn’t because we’re all doing a grand job and taking care of ourselves is just as important, like you say.

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