All Over The Place

This morning I was (hopefully) a little smarter and woke Maddox up when my alarm first went off at 5am to feed him. This should prevent him from wanting to eat while I’m helping the big kids off to school. Fingers crossed :)

It’s going to be raining here a lot over the next few days and that is great because it’s been super hot and humid lately. It will not be great if it is still raining on Sunday though because we were planning on taking the little kids to the Cape May Zoo. My sister spends her weekends down at the shore and is close to the zoo so we were going to meet her and hang out. I hope the weather will be good. If not we will have to try another weekend but I’m kinda looking forward to going this weekend. We will see.

I’ve been eating a ton of junk for the past two days and I wonder if it’s PMS. I haven’t gotten a period since I’ve had Maddox but because I’m breastfeeding that’s pretty normal. It will probably come soon though with the way I’ve been scarfing down cookies. For real. It’s a problem. Today I am going to try my hardest to resist any snacks. I really want to loose these last few pounds and keep it all off!

I hear Maddox fussing. I hope he falls asleep. I really want this morning to go easy.

I’m so glad it’s Thursday. One more early morning then the big kids are off for four days. There is a Jewish holiday on Monday and Tuesday so that gives them (and me) a nice long weekend. It’s super early in the year for a break but it also gives them time to recoup from the shock of waking up and going to school.

Well, I need to wake Marshal up now. Have a great day :)


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