Happy Hump Day

Starting the Year Off With An Absence

Yesterday Marshal ended up staying home from the first day of school. He was in terrible shape with a lot of congestion and blood and a red throat. I switched Maddox’s doctors appointment to next week so that Marshal could have his appointment and get checked out. I was convinced that he had a sinus infection or strep or both but it ended up being a viral infection so no antibiotics for him. It was good to get him checked though and now this morning he went to school with no trouble and feeling a little better than he has in the past few days. Funny how bad you can feel when you are convinced you are dying but then find out otherwise and feel a lot better, right?

It All Worked Out in the End

This morning didn’t go as smoothly as yesterday. I had a harder time getting up but remembered that I had to run to Wawa to get the milk I didn’t feel like getting last night. Of course after Regina woke up and we were getting into the early groove and I was just about to leave Maddox woke up screaming for the boob. I began to stress a bit because I still had to get Marshal up and get the milk. It all worked out though and really there wasn’t a need for me to panic the way that I did.

Tightness in My Throat

I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks lately. Not to say I didn’t always or that they haven’t lessened since I started taking the antidepressant, but I guess I was expecting them to disappear completely and they haven’t yet. It’s a bummer. I’m still feeling pretty down too so I hope I’ll continue improving over the next 2 weeks. Otherwise I think I need a stronger dosage. I see the psychiatrist in the middle of October so I’ll have to do the best I can until then. I start therapy on the 1st and I am kinda excited for that. It will be with a new therapist and that’s always a little scary to me but I have hope we will connect. I definitely could use someone to vent to, that’s for sure.

No Shopping For You

After Regina got home from school yesterday we decided to go to Target, just to get out of the house. I wanted to try to find some clothes, too. Just as I was looking at jeans to try on Maddox started wailing so we had to leave. That sucked. She was pissed to because she wanted to look at stuff, too. I told her we will go back without the babies. Or we could go to the mall. Or the consignment shop. Anywhere without the babies would be good really.

Winner, Winner I’ve Been Good For Making Dinner

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things as far as dinner goes. I guess I’ve been cooking more and more each week since Maddox came home and it feels good. I love cooking and now that I’m healed and he’s a bit easier to entertain Aidan watches the little ones when he gets home from work and I get my cook on. Even though it’s work, it’s still a break and alone time so I really enjoy it. Is that weird? Does anyone else feel the same way? Of course, as soon as dinner is done Maddox wantsto eat again so the kitchen has been a wreck in the mornings but I’ll figure out a solution for that soon enough. 


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