Monday was a Bust

Yesterday was a bit of a bust. The baby was not interested in doing anything other than eating or being held. I suppose he is going through another growth spurt and despite being annoyed that he wouldn’t nap unless he was on me I just rolled with it. Needless to say the house looks like a disaster zone this morning.

Running Around

Today I have two appointments to go to, first a therapy session for Regina and then a therapy session for me. Regina has work at 3 and my appointment is at 2:30 so that means I will have to bring both little kids with me. Should be fun. Especially if Maddox is cluster feeding again.

Get Your Shit Together, Girl

Regina has been working my nerves like you wouldn’t believe. Coming in completely wasted at 1 and 4 in the morning despite being told to be in at 11. She’s also been hanging out with her shitty ex who of course left her in tears yesterday. Then despite being punished for being drunk and late for curfew she disappeared for hours. I’m seriously getting madder at her with each day that goes by. Sigh. I love her but how can she be so stupid?

Money, Money, Money!

In other, good news, Marshal finally got a job! He’s been looking to get hired anywhere for at least two years but because of his age he never had any luck. Happily for him he was hired at a pizza shop down the street and starts on Thursday. I’m so proud of him and know it will be great for his self esteem. Now I am the only one who doesn’t have a job, but I do take care of the babies full time and the house and everyone else as best as I can.

I hope today goes better than yesterday. A day of getting nothing done is one thing but multiple days really get to me. I suppose I should just expect that it will be difficult though and maybe it won’t feel as bad.


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