The Power of Paint

This weekend we finally made a move towards getting the living room and upstairs hallway repainted. I say finally because the first time I mentioned that we wanted to do this was back in March. Yeah, well.. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I’ll tell myself that :)

Anyway, we picked up the paint and Aidan got the supplies to fix this part of the wall that was destroyed by the baby gate:

When we got home from Lowes he got started on the wall repair right away! He ended up having to remove a huge section of the plaster, as well as some of the lath. It was a big messy job but he made it look easy. One part of the trim was damaged so we will have to replace it, I think there is some in an upstairs closet we can pull out, otherwise we are screwed. This house is 100 years old so they don’t really make the same stuff. We will figure it out though.

Anyway here is the wall after stage one of the repair:
After that is finished up we can prep the walls and then paint. OMG I am so excited to get this done. I’ve been here for 11 years and haven’t painted these areas since I moved in, because it is such a big job. After the walls are done I’ll move onto the stairs and trim. It’s going to look so nice in here. Or so much better anyway! I’ll update as we go and show some pictures of what the room looks like before and of course after. I also have a few ideas I want to copy so hopefully I can write about that too! Hooray for home projects, they are my favorite!


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