i ❤️ fridays 

I am 4 posts away from hitting the 200 mark but it’s been terribly hard to get on here to write! I am so tired and have been sleeping later than normal every day! The baby still sleeps pretty well through the night but I still feel exhausted and I’m not sure why.

The big kids go back to school in 2 weeks and I hope I can get it together before then because it’s going to be very hard getting them motivated when I am a zombie :)

Yesterday was a busy day for all of us. Aidan took a random day off of work and had the lawn looking proper before 9am. Then I had to do an emergency bath on the baby because he puked all over. Then he pooped in the tub. Oh what fun.. After that Aidan bathed Logan while I fed the cranky baby and finally things calmed down.

In the afternoon I took Marshal to Macy’s to buy him some clothes. It was a deal I had made with him, which he surprisingly kept his end of.. Clean your room and do your wash and I’ll buy you some clothes for vacation and the start of school. He tried to get out of most of it but I didn’t budge and he finished it all — by himself! It’s not perfect work but the fact that he did it was great because it made him face his problems and fix them on his own.

After we shopped I made dinner (wings) and then took Regina to the mall. She wanted to get some stuff with gift cards that she got for her birthday. She’s 17! Holy shit! I was itching to get myself a whole new wardrobe because I don’t have anything nice to wear at all but resisted because a) I don’t have money and b) I still want to loose 9 pounds — maybe 8 now :)

Both times that I went out with each of the big kids the little ones stayed here with Aidan. It was so nice to spend one on one time with them and get a break from the sweet little monsters. The first trip they both napped for Aidan the whole time. The second trip Maddox screamed his head off the whole time. I felt really bad but that’s what I deal with every day while Aidan’s at work so I can’t feel too bad.

The big kids are leaving for a week with their Dad. His family has a time share in Ocean City, MD and they go every August. I used to go too and know it’s a lot of fun so I am happy for them. I’m also happy to get a break. It gives me time to miss them and it’s the only break I get from them all year long. They are a big help with the little ones so I will miss them for sure but I am super glad they are going as we haven’t had a vacation this year!

Well, that’s all I can fit in for today. I wrote this from my phone out of desperation just to write. I hope it doesn’t turn out too bad :)

Here is a picture from last weekend — we took a drive to New Hope to test out Maddox’s road trip tollerance and he did pretty well. We had to stop at a park so I could feed him and let Logan stretch his legs. It wasn’t a long trip but a fun one and a good test. We are planning a real day trip there for the fall and I’m really looking forward to it :)

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “i ❤️ fridays 

  1. Oooooh, you go girl! You do kick ass. I go to one store and I am done. I made rice and lemon pepper tilapia yesterday day…well, I made the rice, Mike made the fish. It was very fast and easy. I love wings! Who doesn’t? Every time I read your blog, I get hungry for whatever you are cooking.


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