Hot Weekend Ahead

We made it to the weekend! It was a long week for me here despite getting a lot of stuff done and I am so glad that it is the weekend and that Aidan will be here for two days to help with the little kids. Last night when he got home from work he took them to the super market and then for a ride so I could have some time to myself. I was able to finish making dinner, clean the kitchen and shower so the time was very much appreciated.

I think we will be taking the babies to visit his parents either today or tomorrow. They have been in Puerto Rico for almost a month and haven’t seen Maddox since the day after he was born. Aidan’s mom is itching for some baby time! Our two year old Logan is itching for his grandparents too and has been asking for “Ita and Poopa” quite a bit in the past few weeks. I think it is great that he loves them so much, it really is sweet.

Speaking of itching to see people, Aidan has been itching to go out with his buddy to grab a burger and a beer or two and it’s been pretty hectic here so I have kinda been giving him the eye roll each time he has brought it up. I really should just suck it up and tell him to make plans because it’s good for him to get out and be with adults. It would be a good thing for me too but I’m the milk so. Well, I did get my nails done last weekend so that counts. He should definitely go! Maybe tonight or tomorrow. I know he needs a break!

Tonight for dinner I am making shredded beef sandwiches and they are usually a family favorite. What I like best about the recipe is how easy it is to get together. It can be made in a dutch oven or a crock pot and it seriously only takes a few minutes to pull it all together. More recipes like this please! By the way, I’m not sure if any of you love the Pioneer Woman as much as I do, but I saw the other day she has a new cook book coming out in October! I am definitely getting it and I can’t wait for a winter of new recipes!

My 6 week OB appointment is coming up, not this week but the next. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. I’m still mad at the jerks for not calling me back when I was worried about the pain I was in but I’m happy to say it’s not bothering me too much anymore. It only hurts when I twist wrong or haven’t used the bathroom in a few days — tmi, sorry. I will say that I am scared of being checked and I think it’s going to hurt but that’s probably all in my head. I can’t imagine having sex right now or even working out as I really am not fully healed but I know those times are right around the corner. I’ll just start slow! Aidan still hasn’t made the appointment to get snipped but I’m covered by the Depo shot until October. If worse comes to worse I’ll get one more shot but after that he will need to have gotten himself taken care of. I don’t like the extra hormones one bit, they make me a little looney!

Well, have a great weekend and try to stay cool! We are at the beginning of another heat wave here on the East Coast.. Fun, fun, fun..


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