Friday Night Quickie

I have 15 minutes before dinner is done and I’ve realized that this week wasn’t all that bad. I guess I’ve been a little hard on myself in the recovery process and expected to bounce back and tackle life straight away. Boy was I wrong and man I sure forgot how hard it is adjusting to a new baby in the house. I feel good today though about everything I did get done this week!

Here is a list of what I accomplished and I hope it will serve as a reminder to myself when I’m feeling like there’s so much to do. I also hope it makes you think about all that you’ve accomplished during the week and realize that each and every little task is something to be proud of. I bet you all don’t give yourselves as much credit as you deserve, I know I sure don’t!

So on with the list! This week I’ve..

  • written 5 posts (counting this one)
  • made 3 good (and real) dinners
  • had 3 showers
  • ran a few errands
  • kept the kids:
    somewhat entertained
    mostly happy
  • cleaned a lot
  • did a face mask
  • got a manicure and pedicure
  • went to a family party
  • remembered to pay the bills

I think that counts as a pretty good week with a 5 week old so I am going to bed happy tonight :) Now to chow down on some short ribs! These are very easy and delicious if you need a dinner suggestion– I’ve made them almost a thousand times!


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Quickie

  1. So pleased that overall you had a good week! And life will get easier with each week that passes with baby Logan, I’m sure.
    I am planning to resume my blog writing (it’s been wayyyy too long that I’ve neglected it), and get back to writing longer pieces, too.
    And this is one of the great things about my online friends–we encourage each other to do what we know we really want to do and there is never any judgement about falling short sometimes (or for long periods of time like me this year).
    So thank you, Ginger, for being my online friend! Means a lot to me, really.

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    1. I’m so glad you are going to write again! I have been wondering when you would :) I’m very much looking forward to reading you again, I’ve missed that a lot! I know how it is when you need to take a break though and how it can make you wonder if everyone will still be there. I’m here and I am so glad that we are friends, too!

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