Life’s Messy. Pour Some Wine and Clean it Up!

Yesterday I was a woman on a mission and by golly (after some hiccups) I succeeded! After I wrote in the morning I was able to get a shower and dressed before the baby woke up. Once I fed him and was able to get real Henry down for his early nap blog Henry and I came downstairs and got right to work on cleaning. We picked everything up, dusted and polished the furniture, cleaned the windows and swept the floors. He even helped me clean out the coat closet a little.

I still can’t vacuum but that is blog Henry’s favorite part of cleaning so I had him use the vacuum to suck up all of the dust bunnies, cat fur and random bits of food that were swept up. It felt great and Henry was so happy to help. I have an empty spray bottle that I give him along with a paper towel and he follows me around spraying and wiping. He loves helping me (and cleaning) so it was great to spend time with him while getting work done without real Henry being in my arms.

After a few hours we had to take Regina to an appointment but real Henry was being real fussy so I drove around for 40 minutes to get him to nap while she met with her therapist. Blog Henry also got a little nap and I used the time to do a bank run and just enjoy driving our super awesome truck.

Once we got back home it wasn’t long before all hell broke loose and the baby was a full fledged cranky pants. Slowly but surely the house became a disaster zone again and that had me feeling some type of way. It took me over three hours in the afternoon to get the baby to eat a proper feeding and fall asleep and once he did I figured it was now or never to give blog Henry a bath. After I had him all washed I let him play with his tub toys and started to clean up the bathroom. He didn’t like that so much. He wanted me to play with him like we usually do so he kept standing up in the tub. Bath time over and his normally long bath turned into a short one. There was stuff everywhere in the bathroom from my attempt to clean it and it perfectly matched the downstairs.

After I got blog Henry dried and dressed I put Toy Story on for him and headed back to finish the bathroom. Naturally this was the cue for real Henry to wake up and fuss. I tried feeding him again and then changed his diaper all the while wanting to cry. Things just weren’t going my way.

As I was trying to settle him for the eight-thousandth time Aidan came home and said “the house looks like..” and I (apparently) cut him off and yelled “a bomb went off?!” I was stressed and feeling defeated because despite all that I was doing and trying to do the house was a hotter mess than when I started cleaning. He took over baby patrol and I went to finish the bathroom before heading downstairs to get dinner started.

Of course the kitchen was a disaster and I couldn’t do any cooking before I cleaned it up..

This is life.
This is life. My messy, messy life.
So I did what any other crazy mama would do in the situation. Poured wine and turned on some music. I cleaned the kitchen and then made mashed potatoes to go with a meatloaf I had previously frozen. I picked up the trash and toys from the other two rooms and really enjoyed being able to get the house in order and dinner on the table without an infant in my arms. Everything finally fell into place and the house was pretty clean!

I got so much done yesterday! I showered, bathed a child, ran errands, cleaned a lot and made dinner. These all probably sound like boring everyday things (and they are) but they are things I enjoy and haven’t been able to do in so long because of pregnancy discomforts/post-partum pains. Oh and I had wine. That was delicious :) I’m excited for when days like this come more frequently minus the feeling that I’ll have a nervous breakdown in between tasks.


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