Introducing Logan and Maddox

After a lot of thought I finally decided on new names for blog Henry and real Henry. I know, I know, I’m making big important life changing decisions around here ;)

This is his “I did something bad so I’ll try my biggest smile so I don’t get in trouble” face –completely smeared with a banana that he was supposed to eat for breakfast.


Blog Henry will now be called Logan because I love, love, love that name and he kinda looks like one. Since I wasn’t able to name the baby Logan I am using it one way or another and I think it’s a great fit :)

This is one of the only smiles caught on camera. Only his Daddy can get him to do that. I’m just the milk.

Real Henry will be called by his super cool and totally last minute middle name.. Maddox. I don’t know when else I’ll get to use it unless he’s in trouble for something so, this is good!

I really hope I’ll remember to refer to each of them correctly now, if I mess up though please forgive me!



9 thoughts on “Introducing Logan and Maddox

  1. Love both names and will do my best to remember who is who when you’re writing about them….for a while you may have to add qualifiers to their names….like ‘baby Logan’ and toddler Maddox (for your old, forgetful readers like moi!) 😋

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