Muck and Mire

This house is a hot mess. I swear it is getting so bad that I am going to go insane. The kitchen floor needs a mopping so badly and I still can’t move enough to do it. The tub needs a scrubbing.. can’t do it. The floors need to be vacuumed thoroughly and steamed, can’t do it. I won’t even talk about the windows and dusting and detail cleaning that every room needs. It’s nerve wracking to say the least. Everyone has been chipping in here and there and Aidan especially has been doing a lot but when I can’t do it myself it just really gets to me.

I called my doctor twice yesterday to set up an appointment for this pain that I’ve been having but no one has called me back. I will try again today but I am annoyed that they didn’t call back. You know it took a long time for me to call them and then to not be able to speak with anyone.. It’s just rude and unprofessional. If I’m supposed to feel like this fine, just tell me. If I should go to the hospital, again, just let me know.

In other news we went to Henry’s one month check up and spent an hour with his doctor. She is a new doctor, very young, very sweet and very thorough. An hour she spend with us. That’s unheard of. Henry is dealing with reflux and she gave us all kinds of tips and tricks to help him out and get him comfortable. Yesterday after we got home and tried the tricks she gave us it seems like they worked so I am glad she took the time to listen to us. After a few more days of doing them if they are successful still I’ll share them for anyone who is interested.

I really need a shower. It’s been a few days and I feel gross. I’m sure you are thanking me for sharing but it’s on my mind so out it came. Newborns are hard. Recovering from birth is hard. Life is hard sometimes, but that’s not a bad thing always. For me it’s not a bad thing today or this week even. In a few months things will be calmed down and I’ll be able to shower and clean when I want. I can’t wait!

I know my writing has been pretty blah as of lately but I don’t have a lot of time and I don’t want to stop. Eventually I’ll get into a new groove and write more about things besides the baby and myself and I look forward to those days. These days are more or less just keeping up with the habit of writing as much as I can and not giving up. Pushing through I guess. I read all of your comments and love them and I try to respond but usually I read them while I’m doing something else and then don’t get a chance to get back to them for a while. So please forgive me if I’m late or absent on a reply, I do love your comments so much and they are always filled with helpful suggestions from everyone. I’ll get it together soon and get back on track with better writing and commenting :)

Well, I’m gonna go wash the spit up from my hair and the manly stench from my body. No it’s not Aidan’s sweat, it’s mine because I haven’t showered in a few days and I’m gross. That happens. Have a great day and if you don’t have a newborn right now remember when you did and be grateful for being able to shower and smell sweetly on a regular basis. Don’t take that for granted ;)

Oh and I’ll leave you with a picture of the chubby cheeks creating all this chaos here.. He’s worth the mess!



4 thoughts on “Muck and Mire

  1. Let it go, let it go. Again it sounds perfectly wonderfully normal. That’s right, the day will come when you will smell sweet and your house will be clean. But it will also be quiet which I can tell you the, “Quiet” can be deafening. It is really so sad :( Embrace the chaos and lack of control. Trust me, I know <3

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    1. I totally understand what you are saying, the big kids will be adults soon and I’m already starting to feel a certain way about that. I’m looking forward to them growing up and not causing the daily stress but I know I’m gonna miss them like crazy! It’s a good thing I signed up for another 18+ years of noise and chaos though, right?


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