Still Dealing with Pain

This pain sucks. It’s an awful, terrible thing when you aren’t able to move the way you want. Walking, bending, reaching, standing.. They are all movements that are beginning to really become unbearable. Have I been over-doing it? Maybe. Do I have an infection? Possibly. Are my stitches ripped? Unlikely. Is there too much gas in my system? I don’t know. Is it the fibro flaring? Could be. These are all the questions I’ve asked myself since the pain has been increasing and I’m getting to the point that I think it’s time to call the doctor.

I don’t want to call because they will just tell me to go to triage, which I’d rather not do because I’ll have to spend a whole day there and probably end up finding out that nothing is wrong. This pain though is really becoming unmanageable and no amount of Advil, Tylenol or Motrin has helped. I’ve been popping it like candy every 4 hours and it barely scratches the surface.

I’m giving it til the end of the day and then I’ll call if it isn’t better. This stinks, I just want to get on with my life.


8 thoughts on “Still Dealing with Pain

    1. Thank you for that I have milk of magnesium and take it once a week and it does help! I think this is gas pressure! It’s awful! I also think it might be from pushing the stroller or a shopping cart? I don’t have any heat or redness in the area and no fever so I doubt it is an infection, thankfully!


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