I Forgot How Hard Newborns Are

This is going to be another quick post! Regina has work again this morning and I already heard the baby stirring while I was in bed so I got up to make coffee before he is really awake and it seems I have a few minutes before then too.

Yesterday went smooth up until about 1-2pm. Like I said yesterday, real Henry is real fussy and around 1-2pm he really starts getting into character. From about that time until 7pm he is just cranky and gassy and it kinda sucks a lot. I don’t know how to help him. I will say it isn’t colic at this point because he doesn’t have that blood curdling scream that Marshal had and he can be consoled for short periods of time, but I am worried it might turn into colic. That would be terrible. His face has started looking a little yellow again so I wonder if the jaundice has come back. The dr said that if it does it could just be from breast milk and wouldn’t be harmful to him. To test it they will have me stop breast feeding for 2 weeks and if the jaundice goes away they will let me resume. At least I have a breast pump. Sigh. In any case if he has a fever I’ll call them today, otherwise I’ll wait til Monday’s appointment to talk to her.

Aidan has been great and I know he’s exhausted. If I was healed I could do everything myself but as it is I pushed myself too hard too soon and now my body is making me pay. My pelvis hurts horribly and it feels like my stitches are being ripped open, which is apparently normal. I have no signs of infection so I’m not worried something is wrong, it just takes a long time to heal and I was stubborn in the beginning. Of course the pain meds helped but I am long out of them and wishing I wasn’t! I’m half way healed though and definitely feel way better than I have since the c-section so I am just going to take the next few weeks easy and get past this.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. Halfway through the week and Aidan will be off on the weekend! I really miss him, I was spoiled having him home with me. Today my goal is to give the baby a bath and get the rest of the laundry away. There are only a few things left that I had to stop folding yesterday so that should be easy. Other than those two I am going to rest and just try not to pull my hair out come late afternoon early evening when the fuss fest begins.

Have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “I Forgot How Hard Newborns Are

  1. I have this memory in my brain that newborns are “easy” (minus the sleep deprivation), but your post just reminded me they are not! Especially, I would imagine, when you have other children to care for and can’t just laze about on the sofa all day long binging on Netflix.

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    1. I am so tired of tv lol I never thought I’d say that but I truly am! Kids shows, adult shows.. I just want to get up and get out of this house! I completely forgot how hard they are too! I’ll miss these days soon enough tho :)

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