Love Me Tender

I don’t imagine that I’ll have a lot of time to write this morning. I wasted 40 precious minutes doing I don’t even know what besides making coffee and now it’s almost time to wake Regina up for work. After she gets done we are supposed to go get free manicures at a new salon that she was given coupons for. I hope it works out.

I haven’t been to a nail salon in about 5 years — when my sister was pregnant with her 4 and a half year-old. I used to go to the nail salon quite often, not habitually, but frequently and I kinda miss those days. Now I don’t have the time and it takes a free coupon for a $10 service to get me interested in going. God, I’m lame.

I took a funny picture of real Henry the other day and it reminded me so much of a picture I had taken of blog Henry when he was around the same age. I searched through my photos until I found the one I was thinking of and sure enough, they are very similar:

The similarities are funny right? I mean look at those expressions! These are pictures of newborns here so there wasn’t any planning or bribing involved. They are just brothers. With each other. And maybe Elvis.

Finding the picture of blog Henry was the highlight of my day yesterday. The rest of the day was pretty boring and lame. A lot of nursing and a lot of my feelings being hurt by blog Henry wiping my kisses away and telling me “No kisses, wipe!” Sigh. He used to love me. Now he just hates me because of real Henry constantly being attached to my boob. He’ll get over it. We’ll all get through this.

I read last night that the first 6-8 weeks is the hardest when there is a newborn in the house. I hope that’s true. I hope by the time 8 weeks rolls around:

  • I’ll be healed and everything will be merry and cheery and all the kids will get along (mostly with me.)
  • My house will be clean and the kitchen will see nightly action.
  • The big kids will love school and homework and each other.
  • We will all get great sleep and have regular bowel movements.
  • Everything will be sorted and organized and lovely.

Bwah ha ha. Funniest. joke. ever.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery, too. Actually I should play because I’d probably have a better chance at winning that than all of my hopes above falling into place ;)

Happy Saturday, I hope it’s a great weekend for you!


7 thoughts on “Love Me Tender

  1. Yes, they are similar! and very cute :) Hope you and Regina enjoy your manicures and blog Henry will soon get used to sharing you with his new brother. Have a great weekend too :)

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    1. Thanks! It’s so funny but I didn’t think they looked alike really, I guess it was the black hair vs blonde hair that was throwing me off! It will be interesting to see how they look alike as time goes on :)

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  2. Here is my mantra and just about everything I want in life, “Write it down, Make it happen !!!”
    It could, really it could. You have already put the wheels in motion for your reality. You wrote it down, now it can happen :) Positive energy <3


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