Last Day of July! Updates on the Updates

This is going to be an update to my last post (or maybe last 2?) I received so many great ideas, shared experiences and pieces of advice from so many of you and I have to say thanks! Parenthood is tricky business and all the tips and tricks help make navigating through it much easier!

Vitamin Drop/Gripe Water Update

Well, I didn’t get to post yesterday because I slept late and then had a pretty rough morning. Real Henry has been a real handful and we decided that it was because of the vitamin drops with iron. We aren’t sure of course but have decided to do an experiment and stop giving him the drops to see if his discomfort settles down. I figure it will take a day or two to get the iron out of his system and then we will decide what to do from there. I know for a fact that iron messes my stomach up horribly so it’s quite possible that it is seriously causing him some pain!

Kai from Oh Darling Let Us Be made a good point in the comments the other day that babies have a reserve of iron in their systems that will get them through until they are 6 months. She had some other good points and the best advice was to make decisions that were right for you and the baby. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about the iron reserve so I feel confident that stopping the vitamins won’t cause a major catastrophe, if any trouble at all.

While the gripe water helps a lot its temporary relief and doesn’t fix the problem. Also after some more reading on Kellymom I found that it said we really shouldn’t rely on products like that, we should actually solve the problem. I haven’t researched their opinion on the drops yet though. Of course I’ll do some more research but for the next few days I won’t be giving the drops to him and I’ll see where that gets us. Everything is conflicting and trial and error at this point lol

Depo Provera Shot Side Effects, Baby Blues or Post-Partum Depression

Other than a fussy real Henry things are doing okay here. While Aidan’s sister was here the other day we got into a discussion of birth control and it dawned on me that I got the Depo shot before I left the hospital. A light bulb went off and I decided to look up the side effects.. Sure enough depression is a common one. Within 24 hours I felt better just knowing that my moodiness and sadness might just be a chemical imbalance because of the shot. My anxiety has lessened just realizing that it’s possible that the depression was self caused. Does that make sense? I feel like I have more control over it. Weird or not, I do feel better but will still monitor myself. All I know is that Aidan better make that urologist appointment soon because I won’t be getting another shot!

Don’t Leave Meeee!

Speaking of Aidan, he goes back to work on Monday and I admit that I am dreading it! It’s been a pretty rough week and I know it’s going to be really hard next week when he can’t help e at all. I’ll get through it though, I just have to channel my 21 year old self when I had two babies under two and took care of them just fine.

Another Newborn Trick: Fresh Air

Yesterday when real Henry was fussing I decided to take him outside to see if that would calm him down. It was a trick that I remembered working when Regina was an infant and blog Henry got a chance to play on the porch with his bubble machine. It worked! Both babies were happy and I was relieved! We stayed out there for an hour and even though it was super hot and humid the quiet made such a difference for everyone. After that the rest of the afternoon seemed much more manageable. I wish I could go for walks with them, that would definitely be a big help but my stomach is still really sore. In time though that will be a daily activity I imagine!

Dresser Research for the Nursery Update

We almost ordered a dresser from PBKids yesterday (and the day before)  because I received a 20% off coupon in email. We didn’t pull the trigger though. The dresser is really nice and much bigger than what we have now but the price is $900 and even though we have 20%  off that just took away the amount that we’d have to pay for the shipping. Not a great deal. So we are waiting. IKEA has a similar dresser for $250 and I can’t shake that out of my head. Sure the quality won’t be the same but come on that is like $700 less. $700! I think I am just going to try talking Aidan into that option. We could also get a chest, a toddler bed, shelves and organizing stuff and still not reach the $900-1,000 price tag of the PBKids dresser. Reality bites when you aren’t a millionaire but there are always options and smart decisions to be made :)

Okay well, I think I’m done blabbing today, thanks for listening! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday (omg it’s Friday already?!) and a great weekend! Thanks again to everyone who has shared their labor and newborn experiences! It really means a lot to know we aren’t alone with our struggles and advice is definitely always a plus!


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