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To be honest I don’t know what to write about this morning. Usually I will get a few ideas rolling in my head on what I want to focus on while I’m making my coffee but today my brain is kinda empty. Not there isn’t stuff I want to talk about but nothing really feels like it’s enough to be a full topic so I’ll just do a random brain dump if you don’t mind.

Quickest 30 pounds I ever lost

The scale has been my very best friend for the past few weeks. Altogether I’ve lost 28 pounds (as of Sunday) and my belly is just looking chubby not pregnant any more. I know it will take another month (or 6) for my uterus to get back to being small and where it needs to be so I am feeling pretty great about all that. I haven’t lost all the baby weight so quickly since having my first when I was only 20 years old. I hadn’t even done anything different this time around, the weight just came off and I won’t complain about it.

Once again — ignore the mess in the background, I really need to re-organize their room! Oh, also ignore my fancy clothes :)

C-Section Recovery

My cut sight still really hurts though and even though it is supposed to be “healed” after 2 weeks the recovery time for full healing is 6-8 weeks, which I think they should just say flat out so people like me don’t get their hopes up. Like, it still really hurts and Advil just doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely feels much better than it did in the beginning, I can lie on my sides now and before I couldn’t. It’s easier to move now but I hurt myself more often because I’m not as guarded. It stinks, but it will get better in the next month apparently.

Have any of you had c-sections? How long was recovery for you, meaning how long did it take until you could go about life and not be stopped because of sharp pains or feeling your uterus being sore?

Post-partum Depression or Baby Blues?

I was feeling great for the first two weeks after Henry arrived. Cheery, happy and not all that stressed or anxious. It felt good to get the baby out and see the numbers on the scale getting smaller. My mood though has been changing this week and last night I started debating on whether to set up an appointment at the psychiatrist to get on anti-depressants. Just in the past few days I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and stressed and want to cry about everything. Surprisingly, I never had post-partum depression but I have suffered from major depressive order for most of my life. It just feels like it’s coming on but maybe it’s just the baby blues? I stopped taking meds when I found out I was pregnant with blog Henry almost 3 years ago and felt well enough to function without them. Of course there where a lot of up’s and down’s but I was handling it all quite well.

Right now I just feel really bad and I am actually afraid that I am going to spiral downwards if I don’t address it soon enough. If it is depression of any sort it’s not a biggie and can be resolved but I do wish I felt better in general and didn’t need any help like I’ve been doing. Such is life, right? I’m gonna give it another day or two and see if my mood improves or worsens then go from there. The good thing is that I’ve noticed right away and didn’t deny that something might be off like I had done for so many years in the past.

Hand-me-downs, all around but no where for us to put them!

Last week when my sister came to see the baby she brought 3 boxes of clothes that her 4 year old had out grown. I am really grateful because clothes are expensive and with fall around the corner it sure makes life easier to not have to shop! All of the clothes are in great shape and I had worked for a couple of days sorting, washing and putting them away. I finished that up yesterday and then went through blog Henry’s drawers and put away the stuff he doesn’t really wear anymore. I also got down all the rest of his old baby newborn and 3 month clothes and washed them for real Henry. He can wear blue now :) Those still need to be folded and put away but I am running out of drawer space!

We are talking about ordering 2 dressers that are bigger then the ones we have now but haven’t ordered anything just yet. Do we go with the usual Pottery Barn or somewhere else to save some money like IKEA? If we do IKEA we need to screw them into the wall because of the big recall they announced, which would be a mega pain with the plaster walls but it could save soo much money! I want big drawers tho so I might look at CB2 also just to see what they have. We will be putting a new big kid bed in that small room around Christmas too so we have to measure it all up and make a floor plan that will work. Decisions, decisions. I like these kinds of projects though so maybe it will cheer me up.


He eats all the cookies, all the time


Blog Henry in a hand me down cookie monster costume, over top his new favorite Buzz Lightyear hand me down pj’s :) He’s in heaven and I’m happy to not spend money lol

Well, I hope you all will have a great day, thanks for listening to my randomness :)


9 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Aww, blog Henry in the costume. I miss those days with my two. Anyway, I hope that the DIY projects will keep the depression away and the C-section gets better soon. On the plus side, it’s great how quickly your body is getting back into shape and it’s great getting all those clothes for the baby. My sister did the same for me and it was a real help.

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  2. Hi Ginger — Congrats on your new baby! I, too, had a C-section with my now-5-month-old. You definitely have to allow the full 8 weeks of healing time, even when you feel better sooner. Otherwise, you won’t heal properly and can have an entirely different set of problems later. And the weepiness? Oh yeah–I had that in spades–for weeks. I’ve actually been writing a post about it that I’ll put up in a week or so. Take care of yourself. If you need help, get it, but also remember that you’ve just been through a lot and the weepiness is to be expected. I think unplanned C-sections heighten the “baby blues.” FWIW, mine went away on its own, but I’m by no means saying not to take the best course for you and your baby. Good luck & Enjoy that little one!

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    1. Thanks for the comment and the advice! Know what dawned on me last night? I got the depo shot while I was in the hospital, which is new to me.. I really think that between the regular hormones and the shot are the cause of what I’m feeling. I actually almost immediately felt better just knowing that was likely the cause! As far as the pain I think I’ve been over doing it and lifted some things that were too heavy. I am now not lifting anything and just trying to rest. Thanks again for your comment, it was really helpful and I appreciate you sharing your experience!

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  3. Looking great mama! Amazing how quickly that weight is falling off of you. It’s also really good that you are keeping a really close eye on your emotions and moods so you can take the right steps to help if it does in fact become post partum depression. Not many people are aware as you so I think you are doing great. And how cute is blog Henry in that costume?! You make cute kids that’s for sure!

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    1. Thanks! I should be elated that the weight is coming off but I’m a bit of a hyprocondriac and starting to wonder if something is wrong with me, lol. I think I just don’t eat as much as I did before I got pregnant because of all that fluid I had and how little space my stomach had to fill up. I should just enjoy it though, right ;)
      Blog Henry cracks me up! He also has Buzz Lightyear pj’s that he wants to wear 24/7, we literately need to pull them off of him. He thinks he is Buzz for real lol


  4. You look great! I had an unplanned C-Section and it took me physically a good 6-8 weeks to heal… Emotionally, I don’t think I really felt like myself for at least 6 months after giving birth. I cried every single day the first 6 weeks postpartum.. It was really difficult. I hope you feel better soon and glad you are open to seeking help if you need it! So many women try to hide their emotions and say everything is just fine. -Holly @paperplanelaneboutique

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    1. Thanks Holly and you have a good point, I think it really does take a while to feel like yourself again. All of the hormones and then add to that a huge life change, it’s hard to know what’s what. Once the emotions chill and newness of it all settles down it can be great! Until then it’s super tough, at least this time it has been and probably the others too but I don’t remember it all!
      I’ve learned not to ignore the bad feelings like I used to because I have found myself in a hole a few times, not post-partum, that’s a new one and quite frankly a little scarier but I think I’m gonna be just fine so long as I pay attention. I’m leaning more towards the fact that I got the depo shot and from what I read that can trigger depression too. All these things we go through as women. We really are a strong gender, I’ll tell you that! Thanks for sharing your experiences, it stinks that it takes so long to heal, but I appreciate that I can hear it from real live people who have gone through it and know it’s normal!

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  5. Looking good mama, sorry you are still hurting.

    I didn’t realize how depressed I was after both babies until last year when I was looking back. I was constantly crying and angry. With my first, my in laws would just not leave me alone, they wanted to help by holding the baby, but he would just scream which was brutal…”go take a nap.” As my kid screamed bloody murder. I became resentful. Plus I was in horrible pain from the inducing, my tailbone popping out of place, I felt like I got hit by a bus. And my hub telling me that I was just being insensitive to everyone’s feeling when I declined help. Milk would not pump out…so they couldn’t feed him…and that hurt their feelings. With my second, my big guy (2) wanted to nurse again and I repeatedly told him No and even made him sleep on daddy’s side so I could sleep which made him cry. Looking back, I feel awful about it. And when I’d ask for my in-laws to come see the big guy, they stand me up, because they wanted to help with the baby. So I would fall asleep on the floor while my 2 year old played. I have no family here.

    I sat down before I got pregnant and told Mike everything and explained to him that he was so concerned about the family being together because he wants everyone to be happy that he didn’t see how depressed and hurt I was.

    So now, it has been completely different than the two previous times. It’s funny actually, he’s constantly asking me if I need something, doing tons of work on the house and my name which has been Babe for the past 11 years is now Beautiful. Lol (sorry this was so long). But if u need a venting friend…I’m ur girl…☺


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