Push and Push and Then Get Cut Open Present

It’s usually a given that after you have a baby the other parent of said baby buys the delivering mother a little something for all the torture and pain she went through to bring the darling little thing into the world. The gift could be in the form of flowers, balloons, something delicious to eat, or more recently something extravagant.

Poor Aidan was clueless after blog Henry was born and didn’t bring me a dang thing. This was very upsetting to me as I watched him scarf down a value meal from Burger King right in front of me after laboring for 26 hours. I still wasn’t allowed to eat and was exhausted so some flowers or a whopper waiting on the sidelines would have been very appropriate at the time. I didn’t let it go but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound like a whiny brat. That is until he brought up the fact that his best friend was shopping for a Push Present for his wife was expecting. Then of course I let the flood gates go and I told him rather passionately how hurt I was that he didn’t buy me flowers after Henry was born.

As you know my pregnancy with real Henry was miserable and during one of my major complaint sessions to Aidan I told him he better buy me diamond earrings, one for each baby, to make up for the fact that he was so insensitive the first time and to make up for the torture I was going through at the time. I was joking of course, I am not that bratty, but apparently my whining stuck with him.

After real Henry was born he placed this on my lap..

IMG_1802I was really confused but seriously excited when I saw that little blue box! Nothing bad comes from Tiffany’s! When I opened it up, lo and behold Aidan remembered me busting his chops and had bought diamond earrings, one for each baby I brought into the world!


I wasn’t kidding before when I said how great this man is and how he would do anything to make me happy. I couldn’t believe it and put those beauties right in my ears! He is the sweetest guy ever and really surprised me with the way he made up for not buying me flowers after blog Henry was born.

Note to guys (or partners): buy flowers when your lady delivers or else!

I have been wearing these every day since I received them and now that my engagement ring fits back on my finger I feel so happy and grateful to have such beautiful gifts from such a great man.

Please don’t think I am bragging, it’s just that things like this have never happened for me up until recently and I am still very excited to have some one who cares about me so much!


9 thoughts on “Push and Push and Then Get Cut Open Present

  1. Beautiful !!! So that wasn’t happening back in the day, (when I was pushing out F I V E babies) so how can I re-coup my losses. I can’t have anymore kids and I didn’t get any pushing presents ;(

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    1. I’d just casually suggest something that you really like and how much effort it was to push those babies out in a random conversation but not link the two. Or suggest you’d like a certain something for Mother’s Day? I don’t know really, I just got lucky by being bratty but I didn’t truly mean it!


      1. I really have more than enough. He’s a great guy that I have been married to now for 36 years. He has given me a wonderful life and I really couldn’t ask for more. Birthday is coming in August along with the Anniversary. I’m trying to talk him into a trip to Vegas. He hates Vegas, but I think I can get him to take me. Hope so <3

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  2. That is lovely. I never heard of pushing presents before, but I must admit I did feel a bit sad when my two were born and my ex never got me anything. All the other women got balloons and teddies, etc. Anyway, it’s lovely that you have someone that makes you feel so loved cos we all deserve that :)

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    1. We do and I’m sorry that your ex wasn’t in the know how to treat his lady right group, nor did he redeem himself.. I guess that’s a part of the reason he’s an ex? My ex bought me flowers with the first one but not the second. He is a major dirt bag tho so it doesn’t mean anything in his case. I got really lucky with this guy though and that’s all that matters to me now

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  3. Sooo pretty. That is sooooo sweet of him! When I was in labor, they tell u not to eat…listen….this isn’t the 1950’s, bring me the danm food…lol. So all I wanted was an egg mcmuffin, I had my baby at 6:20, my father was in my room ten minutes later with my sandwich. I took a bite and the craving was totally gone. But I told Mike, of you are going to buy me anything as a gift, make it something delicious! He came with a sub…yummmmmm!


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