A Gassy, Miserable, Uncomfortable Baby and A Solution

Real Henry had his two week check-up yesterday and he is doing great! He gained another half a pound since last weeks appointment and over all he has gained a pound and 2 ounces since birth, which they say is good for breast feeding babies. He has also grown an inch and 2 cm length wise! I’m not sure what his head measured at but he was the same with weight and height and he is in the 50th percentile straight across the board.

One thing I didn’t mention to the doctor was how gassy his multivitamins make him. They have iron in them because breast-feeding doesn’t pass through iron to the baby, so they are important but make for a miserable and uncomfortable baby. Poor guy.. Last night was the worst of it so far and the only thing he wanted to do was gnaw on my nipples to try to comfort himself. He was so cranky and Aidan and I felt terrible for him!

Then like magic I remembered that blog Henry used to get really gassy and fussy sometimes, too. We didn’t realize it was from the multivitamin at the time but we did research and ended up buying him gripe water which really, really helped. So Aidan went over to the CVS last night (it’s sold pretty much everywhere) and as soon as we gave real Henry a dose of it he calmed down. Within seconds, literally!

I let him suck on the pacifier after Aidan gave it to him and sure enough all of those gas bubbles broke apart and found their way out of his bottom. He finally fell asleep and we didn’t have any more trouble or a discomforted baby all night long.

The brand we bought is called Mommy’s Bliss and it really works wonders. Before giving this stuff to your baby ask your pediatrician because obviously I am not a doctor giving medical advice, just a mom who knows what works for her babies!

My motherly advice is that if you are breastfeeding and the doctors give you a prescription for the multivitamins with iron (and they will) ask about the gassy side effects and if it’s okay to give the baby gripe water. Formula fed babies get iron in their formula so they won’t get a prescription for extra vitamins but still could be gassy and uncomfortable so this could still apply! In any case, if you know ahead of time you won’t have to call and ask them when your baby (and you) are already suffering.

I just wanted to share this info because I think it helps to know ahead of time that gas might occur and turn your baby into a screaming, inconsolable little person but there isn’t anything serious wrong! It can be scary when you don’t know whats wrong and obviously they can’t tell you! Knowing a solution that works to alleviate their pain and discomfort is also always a good thing too!


8 thoughts on “A Gassy, Miserable, Uncomfortable Baby and A Solution

  1. So glad you passed figured out how to help your little one! I’ve heard gripe water is pretty amazing!

    Just a little info my doctor gave me bc I also asked about iron getting to my LO during breastfeeding, and if he needed supplementation. His pediatrician said that I, nor he needed an iron supplementation bc babies are born (unless extremely premature) with iron stored in their bodies that can last at least 6 months all the way to 12 months, depending on the baby. He also said iron DOES pass through breastmilk, although small amounts, but it’s easily absorbed unlike other forms of iron because of the vitamin C in breast milk, which helps with absorption. However, if baby’s body doesn’t need it than it just doesn’t absorb it.

    At my sons one year check up he had blood drawn and his iron levels were excellent! (I should state he was breastfed 90% until he was one.)

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    1. That’s good info! I was told to give it to him and his older brother until they were 3 months old.. I hate the stuff! It smells horrible and gives tummy aches! I’m going to look at his discharge papers.. Maybe his iron was low? I’m anemic after the birth so maybe that’s why? I was fine until then and I think I’ve heard what you said somewhere before??.. Thanks for the info :) I’m gonna look into it more because the vitamins really are awful!

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      1. I had low iron during the end of my pregnancy (which is actually common!) and had to take a few extra supplements. I also had low iron afterwards, so my midwives had me continue to take Chllorophyll in my water, with vitamin C and a high iron rich diet, but only for a couple weeks and then I stopped. I also kept forgetting to take my multivitamin but I eat pretty balanced meals, so I wasn’t worried about it.

        It’s funny how different doctors can be and what they tell their patients. Glad that we can pass information on to one another and then we can make our own informed decisions too! :)

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        1. I agree that it’s weird how each doctor has different advice. It’s great that we can all share information and go from there! My iron was great until the birth so I am not worried too much, it happened last time too! I hate the iron pills! They do a terrible number on my stomach! I am supposed to take 3 a day but usually don’t because of all the trouble they cause. When I see bruising though I take them for a few days! I’ll look up the chllorophyll and see if that might work for me. As far as diet I definitely have room to improve there and can’t wait to tackle that. My body is craving better than what I’ve been eating so that’ll be real soon :) Thanks for the comment! It’s great to know we aren’t alone!


    1. I’m happy to give suggestions, it’s really hard when you don’t know how to soothe a crying baby and it can be really stressful so sharing is caring :)

      I am sure you will have tricks that you find to work in parenthood too and that I’ll be able to learn stuff from you in return.

      I’m actually doing an update on the vitamin situation this morning. The drops have worked i helping but haven’t resolved the issue. It’s all play by play I suppose. Newborns are so tough because they can’t talk, it’s a lot of guessing and that can be really hard! If we all help each other with advice though it makes it a lot easier and gives us much needed support :)


  2. I took iron while breastfeeding so I didn’t have to give it to the boys…bleh..that stuff smells awful, lol. I felt bad giving them that liquid and I didn’t get constipated, so it worked out for us. I know, I’m a softy. Lol


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