Ahh! Shh! Push It!

It’s Saturday morning and that means the baby is now officially 2 weeks old. The past two weeks have gone by really fast and although it hasn’t really been much time at all it feels like he’s already been with us forever.

Two weeks ago at this time I thought I would die from the pain of trying to get this baby out. After my non-stress test the day before the doctor decided that I should be induced that day because my fluid levels were just too high and dangerous. I was measured in having 24 ml of fluid but the normal range at 40 weeks pregnant are 5-8 ml. It was a lot of fluid and the fear was that my water would break and cause cord prolapse. While Aidan and I were both relieved and excited to soon meet our baby we weren’t expecting to be induced that day needed to do a bit of scrambling to find someone to take blog Henry for the night. Aidan’s sister came to the rescue and while he was back at the house to meet his sister I was having a pill inserted inside of me to kick start the labor.

For the start of labor I was able to move around quite a bit and walk through the pains. Because my water hadn’t broken and I didn’t have an epidural I didn’t need to be chained to the awful delivery room bed. After many hours though the nurse came in and said they would prefer I didn’t get up anymore because they kept loosing the babies heart rate on the monitor. That sucked but at least I wasn’t in bed for the first 8 hours or so.

After a few more hours they told me it was time for pitocin because I wasn’t moving along as well as they had hoped.  At the time my pain was high but not terrible so I put off the epidural and said I would let them know if And when I wanted one. When the pain finally started to feel like it would be unbearable I asked for the epidural. That was the worst mistake for me. I’ve had three other births all with epidurals and never once had an experience like the one 2 weeks ago. Maybe if a different person was administering it things would have gone more smoothly but that wasn’t the case and in the end I told them to forget it because it wasn’t going in right and causing horrible, horrible pains in my spine. The needle was hitting in all the wrong places and even today my left leg isn’t moving properly. (It gets better everyday so I’m not worried about any permanent damage or anything it’s just aggravating when my leg won’t move the way I want it to!)

From there things just got worse and worse and I really had to beg them for a C-Section. I knew something was wrong. The baby wasn’t dropping. I was 10 cm dilated and the baby just kept bouncing around in all the fluid every time they checked me. Even after they broke my water (oh my god talk about a flooding situation) which they were taking their time about doing, the baby wasn’t coming down. They had me push for an hour and I kept passing out from the pain and begging Aidan to kill me in between each contraction. Poor Aidan. At one point he yelled at me, “They aren’t going to give you a c-section! You will die and the baby will die!” That right there shows how stressful the whole situation was for him. He wasn’t being mean, he just didn’t understand what I was going through at all. The babies heart rate kept going down. They finally said I could have a C-section and I couldn’t have been more relieved.

I never wanted a c-section, not in the least bit and had heard so many horror stories of infections that came afterwards. I was against it 100% but I knew there was something wrong and I knew the pain I was experiencing wasn’t normal. Maybe it was my fibro, maybe I was a wimp but I really couldn’t take it. I had no ability to move my left leg as it seemed as if my bone was out of the hip socket. It was awful and so I was thankful and overjoyed to be cut open.

After the surgery and after I heard them exclaim “It’s a boy!” and after I heard him cry and caught a glimpse of his black hair I passed out. There are pictures of us, Aidan holding the baby and me passed out in the background. After having three other children, I can tell you that this was the hardest most difficult and abnormal childbirth I ever went through. I made the right choice for me and as it turns out for the baby too.. His neck was wrapped by the umbilical cord twice and around his body once. He wouldn’t have ever made it out vaginally. The nurses who seemed irritated that I couldn’t push him out were suddenly much more empathetic. Not that they were ever mean, but I knew they were annoyed.

The recovery has made up for the birth though. It has been coming along so smooth and quick. I hurt more this time than I have in the past but that’s to be expected. I was walking the first night and getting around well for the remainder of the hospital stay. At home I’ve been doing really well and even though I was dreading when my pain meds ran out I’m actually doing really well without them. Every day just gets easier!

It’s been 2 weeks and I am doing great and most importantly Henry is doing great. The baby is so awesome and already has such a sweet personality. He lets us sleep and he stopped crying during diaper changes. He really doesn’t fuss much at all and it makes all of the horrible things I went through from the beginning of the pregnancy up until he was finally born feel.. so not important. He’s awake more often and super alert, more than his brother was at his age and more than I can remember the big kids being at his age.



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