Nap-time Gossip

All of the kids are out of my hair right now so I decided to take my chance and do a little afternoon writing.

Marshal is out with a friend probably getting another tattoo despite me telling him he wasn’t allowed. He has three already. That topic is a whole blog post in itself which I won’t get into because I am trying not to get stressed out at this very moment.

Regina is at work until 10pm so I know she isn’t doing anything bad. We went to her therapist earlier today and I spent the whole session in there. Between her, I and the therapist we decided to work on communication. Between her and I. Between Aidan and I (when it comes to her) and between her ad Aidan. We all communicate regularly, don’t get me wrong, but we need to work on expectations and clarity on what’s going on in general regarding her behavior and the consequences. I also just got a phone call from her probation officer who told me he is closing her case. She’s had hiccups but we both agreed that her being pressed with formal criminal charges isn’t going to help her. He suggested I call the office of children and youth and report her as incorrigible (as well as  Marshal) if we have further issues and that they would be able to get services for us in place instead of going the criminal charges route. I haven’t looked anything up online yet as that department seem scary to me but I will tonight and get myself familiar with what they do for when (and a very small if) I need to give them a call. I haven’t talked to Aiden about any of what’s going on with her yet as I am still processing the turn of events. I also don’t want to get all stressed out at the moment so I am moving on from this topic for now..

Blog Henry is napping right now, he fought it hard but Aidan finally got him to fall asleep. He came to therapy with Regina and I this morning and he was such a good boy. He found some army men in the toys that are in the office and played with two of them for the hour plus we were all talking. He really is warming up to Real Henry nicely and gave him a lot of love when we got home from the appointment. He hasn’t acted jealous in a few days and it’s been really sweet to see him bond with his new brother here and there through out the days.

Real Henry is still sleeping like a champ. And eating like one too! Most breastfed babies lose a little weight in the first few weeks of life but not this guy, he gained a half of a pound since birth and is doing great. Aidan wanted me to ask the doctor about him sleeping so long at night and sure enough Aidan was right.. The doctor said it’s not a good idea to let him sleep for more than 4 hours in a row because his blood sugar could get wonky. So for the next 3 weeks we have to make sure he gets up after four hours and feed him. That isn’t such a bad problem to have. She said after a month his body will be in a better place to sleep longer, I just hope he will want to sleep longer at the end of this month :)

She also told me not to take him anywhere public until he’s 2 months old because of his weakened immune system and the crazy heat we’ve been experiencing. She said there are a lot more germs floating around right now than usual so the best thing to do is wait. While I’m not exactly ready to go on any excursions quite yet I know in a few weeks it will really be bothersome to not be able to take him anywhere. Obviously his health and safety are a priority though so I will take her advice and just chill for a while.

Aidan goes back to a work at home schedule tomorrow and I think it will give me a good little taste of what I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life now on. It’s a great safety net to have him here if I need him and will give me practice for when he goes back to work as he will be on one floor of the house and I’ll be with the boys on the other. Marshal and Regina will be here for a few more weeks before school starts and my real test will be the last week in August when they go on vacation with their dad. I will truly be alone with a toddler and a newborn that week and then going forward. I’m looking forward to it but know I will really want to get them out of the house so luckily real Henry will be just about two months old when school starts.

I realized last night that Aidan has been home with me for almost a month now. While he worked at home for 2 weeks he was still here and I have to tell you, we have been getting along great. No bickering, no annoying each other (well from my POV) and certainly no arguing. We really have a very nice relationship and I am going to miss him a ton when he goes back to work, of course for the help I’ve had in him, but mainly because I will miss him not being here to talk to and hug and punch and giggle with. I am thankful for our relationship all of the time but sometimes little realizations like spending a month straight in super close proximity to a spouse without being the slightest bit agitated (or worse!) really make me understand and appreciate how lucky I am to have him.

Well, dang! I sure did write a lot about everyone else. Ha! I’m a gossip girl ;) I don’t have much to say about myself except that my body is getting better everyday. I think my milk supply is about were it needs to be so my boobs aren’t the enemy anymore. I don’t have any more swelling (got my beautiful engagement ring back on finally!) and I’ve lost 5 more pounds. Every day Marshal tells me I’m looking skinnier and skinnier and today I actually wore an empire waist sundress without looking preggo or even fat! Well, I didn’t feel either way anyhow. I’m still not comfortable in my own body yet and I know that will take time but I definitely haven’t felt this good after having a baby ever.

I was worried about post-partum depression and so far I am good! I feel so great and happy and able to tackle life with gusto. Sorry big kids, you don’t have a depressed zombie mom who isn’t watching you like a hawk :P I still need to monitor my mood but really, right now, I just feel happy and that is also something new for post-partum me. I am really looking forward to getting back to the YMCA in September and joining their weight loss program which includes nutritional and exercising courses! I am also going to be enrolling into the H&R Block training program if we can fit the course times into our schedules and hopefully I’ll have a part time job coming from it. I’m ready to enter the world again, it feels so strange but really exciting.

Okay well this was super long and if you are still reading, thanks :) I hope everyone is having a great day and feeling happy too!


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