Getting My Write On

The other day I was being too hopeful in saying I’d write again the next day! And it figures now that I finally sat down to write I’d get a pop up that my computer needs to be updated and will be done automatically in XX amount of time. So annoying! I think I may have changed a setting correctly though so hopefully this thing wont just shut down on me mid-sentence.

Anyway– things here have been pretty freaking awesome in terms of the baby. He’s adjusted to the house well and everyone seems to adjusted to him. He is sleeping so awesome and I don’t want to jinx it at all so I’ll say it’s probably a fluke but he’s only woken up twice in he past two nights. Holy shit. For real, that happened. Twice :)

Henry (blog Henry — I still need to figure that out) has been a little jealous or a lot jealous but he’s doing okay. He has been stomping his feet more and yelling “I’m mad!” quite a bit but that’s to be expected. We are careful to spend extra time with him one on one but are cautious not to overdo it because a) it’s not realistic b) I don’t want him getting any ideas that he should get all the attention all the time

*computer restarting* grrrrrrr

Okay, I just logged onto the desktop! I always forget I have this thing!

Where was I? Oh yeah, Henry is being jealous but he does like his brother enough to give him lots of kisses and want to hold him at least once or twice a day and I think that’s a great start. The big kids aren’t jealous or at least they aren’t acting out this week like I thought maybe they would. They’ve been calm and out of trouble since the house party night (as they should be) but I guess I was expecting the worst as that’s all I’ve been getting from them for the better part of the past two years.

Regina is starting a Cosmetology course at the local vocational school in the fall and I received a bill for the kit she needs. Over $400. Ugh. I am now trying to figure out how to pay for that. She’s not Aidan’s daughter so I don’t want to ask him for that although I know he’d pay it, but I want to figure it out on my own. Also her Senior portrait proofs came in and need to be ordered and they are running over $250+ for packages and that’s the smallest sized packages. This year is going to be expensive. Sigh.

Aidan has been so great about doing stuff around the house. He’s been the main cook and cleaner for almost a month now and I know it’s probably getting to him. I clean what I can and Marshal actually helped me the other day, but in the kitchen all I can really do is load up the dishwasher because my belly used to get in the way of the sink and now that it’s gone there are stitches in it’s place. In another week I should be in good shape though so I’m looking forward to getting back into life.

As far as my body healing and stuff goes, I feel great. My energy levels are pretty much what they used to be but my body is sore. Engorged breasts, stitches, aches and pains, swelling. They will all pass soon and as each day goes by I am feeling better than the last :) Hooray for not being preggo anymore, my body just hated that!

I weighed myself yesterday for the first time since leaving the hospital and I have already lost 16 of the 18 pounds I had gained since my first OB appointment in December. That made me feel AWESOME! Of course that first appointment didn’t take into account the 10 or so pounds I gained during the first 2 months being pregnant but holy cow, I still think it’s awesome for a weeks worth of time!

Please ignore the messes in the background of the photos — as well as my super awesome outfits

So I’m feeling pretty dang good, emotionally and physically and that’s way more than I ever expected. I would like to write everyday again, but I’m just going to do the best I can. If it’s every day then awesome, if it’s not I know I’ll get to that place again someday soon :)

I hope you all are having a great day! It’s crazy hot here and if you are also dealing with a heat wave I hope you are at least staying indoors with the AC blasting!


2 thoughts on “Getting My Write On

  1. Gee, you should really take it easy after all of this. Can’t believe you’re writing along, what energy you must have. Happy to hear that the adjustment phase is going so smoothly. And congrats on losing 16 pounds already. :-)

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  2. This is the third time I’ve tried to post a comment here today so it had better work! 😟
    So good to hear that for the most part everyone is adjusting to having a new person join the household. And I’m sure that Blog Henry will soon adjust to the changes in his world. Before you know it your two youngest will be fighting over toys and tattling on each other but will also be holding hands as they walk along the sidewalk and sharing a couch for an impromptu afternoon nap.
    Look after yourself, too, during this time, Ginger. Sounds as if you are doing great so far but healing from surgery takes time. And isn’t Aiden wonderful for doing all that he can to help out–means you’ll be able to sneak the occasional few minutes to update us with a new post.

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