Welcome to My House Party

On Wednesday afternoon when I was watching tv for about two hours I felt contractions starting up but decided they were Braxton Hicks because they weren’t too consistent or strong so I didn’t pay them much mind. Aidan went over to the market to get stuff for dinner and when he returned I got up to start making Rubens (yum). Within about ten minutes I realized that the contractions were actually pretty frequent and in fact getting strong and strong so while I was cooking I started to time them.

When I began timing them they started out at 9 minutes or so apart. After four nine minute ones a 10 minute one came then dropped down to 7 minutes and that carried on for four reps. From there it went to 9 minutes then 5 and they were getting very strong at that point so I decided to get in the shower and had Aidan call his sister to be on stand by. All in all we timed my contractions for 3 hours before deciding that indeed I was in labor and we should head to the hospital. We told Regina to stay with Henry until we knew for sure if we were staying there and that we’d let her know when Aidans sister would be getting Henry. That was at 8:30pm.

Once we got to the hospital and got registered the doctor came around and we talked about how things were going. They strapped me up to the monitors and sure enough I was having strong contractions and they were close together. They weren’t all as strong as I was expecting but they weren’t anywhere close to comfortable, that’s for sure. Then the doctor checked me. Surely after 5 hours I was dilated to a good amount right? NOPE. I didn’t budge at all from the time I was checked at my OB’s a week ago! The doctor wanted to monitor me for an hour though because of the frequency and strength of the contractions I was getting.

It was the slowest hour of my life and although I was getting some that were not even registrable on their little charts because of how strong they were I just had a feeling my cervix was not cooperating. It never does, it’s lazy and it has always needed pitocin to coax it along. I knew I was being sent home and with the amount of discomfort I was feeling all I wanted was to be sent home. Being in labor sucks, aside from the obvious reasons it sucks (at our hospital anyway) because they strap you up to all these machines and you have no choice but to lay in this horribly uncomfortable bed. All I wanted to do was walk around to help ease this pain.

Meanwhile at the house..

Both Marshal and Regina are pointing the finger at each other and their stories match up to a tee but with who did what reversed so it’s hard to know which one is telling the truth. None of that matters though because they are both liars and manipulators and cannot be trusted so I blame them both equally for what Aidan and I came home to after spending only 3 hours at the hospital (under the impression that we were having the baby!).

Now, I can’t say I didn’t expect to find the normal crowd of 6 kids hanging out on the front porch or even the backyard. This wasn’t something I was going to be happy about but because these brats don’t know how to act I was expecting it. What we weren’t expecting was to pull up to the house and not have a place to park. Even more so I wasn’t expecting to walk up to the house and hear loud music and voices, nor was I expecting to open the door and find two very large kids wrestling in my living room and a whole gang of them sitting at the table playing cards and drinking beer. I was livid and the words “Get the FUCK out of my house” flew from my lungs faster than I could absorb what I was seeing. The house smelled like weed and the kids flew into a mad panic to get out. Including Regina who panicked like a deer in headlights. She quickly started throwing out bber cans and trying to cover up whatever she could.

I was FURIOUS. I can’t even explain how angry I was and all I could do was keep asking where her brother was. “Upstairs, he’s asleep!” She kept saying as I repeated myself and screamed on and on about how fucked up the whole situation was. In the meantime the friends were all outside while Aidan was still in the truck waiting for them to leave so he could park and come in. What do you think happened out there? Well the little scumballs and trash that were hanging out in OUR house start to get into an altercation with him, yelling that they were invited and threatening to get phyisical with him. SERIOUSLY. That really happened. These fucking kids were cussing US out for being angry and kicking them out of OUR house.

My blood pressure shoots to the sky even still just writing this.

In any case, I went upstairs to check on Henry who was indeed asleep. Then I went downstairs to look for Marshall who was also passed out on his bed. None of this was making me feel good and if I wasn’t in such a rage I would have called the police to have the scum balls escorted from my property. I couldn’t think straight though and before I knew it they had all left. As I continued to yell at Regina Aidan went around and made sure nothing was broken or missing and Regina cleaned up the mess. There wasn’t a huge mess and nothing was missing or broken thankfully.

What I am more thankful for is that we got sent home. I mean we were only gone for three hours and there were 10-12 kids here (only 2 of which I knew) what would have happened if they kept me there? How many kids would it have been at 3am? What would have happened then?

I sent Regina’s PO a text at 12 and told her exactly what happened. She said it wasn’t a problem that I sent the message so late and that she’d be out to drug test Regina the next day. Sure enough when Regina got home from work there was a drug test waiting for her. The instant results all came back negative and she insists that results for the rest of the test will come back the same way. We will find out in two days. I swore she was drunk but maybe she was just panicked. I don’t know, I don’t care there were people here at the most horrible time and there was shit in my house that did not belong here for any reason at all.

She’s back on house restriction, has more community service and if the test comes back positive for anything she needs to go before a judge.

As far as Marshal.. I asked Regina’s lady for some help with what to do with him. She said she would talk to his old PO and let her know I’d be seeking her opinion and advice. I really need to get him into some type of program whether it be a drug program (weed) or a juvenile center (he’s incorrigible).

I did get their father involved on this incident because frankly I am fed the fuck up and I am really feeling like my back is against the wall. I’ve done everything I can possibly do to get these kids in line and while some stuff has changed the things that haven’t are only escallating and now it is effecting the safety of everyone, including their two year old brother. Am I overreacting? I think not. I have asked myself this question a lot but I don’t think I am. These kids are out of control and I can’t live like this. They can’t live like this. Does this make me a failure as a parent? I don’t think so. I think if I were to ignore the things they do or not pay close attention I would be a failure, but that is certainly not the case. Being bad is one thing but breaking the law takes it to a hole new level. They break the laws I am forced to take it to whole new levels. They are making these horrible choices. Not me and not without a clear understanding of what is acceptable/right or wrong.

Yikes, so that was a lot but it was a big deal. At this point I hate teenagers. I hate this neighborhood. I hate that despite all of my efforts nothing seems to be working.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to My House Party

  1. Crap! Crap crap crappy crap crap! Not what you need ever, but especially not what you need while waiting to deliver a new little person into the world. My heart goes out to you, Ginger. And you have every right to be furious about this turn of events–what on earth were they thinking?
    Hope you’re taking some deep breaths today and trying to find some peace before labour really hits for good and that baby pops out!
    Take care and keep us posted. Hugs from Canada.


  2. Hi Ginger, really we need to talk. But I am so late and I have to take a shower. I know exactly what you are going through as I was really messed up teen. I can tell you first hand what you need to do. I spent 14 months of my teenage years in a rehab center.. I’ll tell you right now, I grew up and have a great life a wonderful marriage of 36 years. It’s not going to be easy, but necessary what you are going to have to do to get to those kids. We’ll talk, keep the faith <3


  3. I thought I had it tough. I just lost my shit over my big “not knowing” the word “the” after a week of practicing. I wouldn’t know what to do in your place, but it looks to me that you are doing the best you can and that is sometimes all we could do.


  4. If possible, I would def also contact the parents’ of the kids that came to your house and let them know what was going on (threatening you and your soon-to-be-husband etc.). That’s pretty unacceptable!
    I think everyone understands your anger and disappointment here. I don’t think I’ve ever acted this way when 16/17. Some kids just have to grow, I wouldn’t consider it a failure on your part.


  5. Sorry to hear this, it’s an awful thing to have to deal with especially at this time. It’s unbelievable how disrespectful and badly behaved kids can be – just terrible. I hope all has settled now though x


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