Anything is Possible

I’ve come to the realization that if I have to wait until next Friday to be induced it won’t be such a bad thing. It might actually turn out pretty cool if this birth is long and torturous the way Henry’s was. In fact, the baby could actually be born on the 18th, if labor carry’s on in the same slow poke way Henry’s birth did. What’s cool about the 18th is that it is also Regina’s birthday. Well, August 18th, but still a 1-8 :) Marshal and Henry actually share the 9th as their day (and there is still time for that of course) but it would be pretty neat if I had two 9’s and two 18’s.

Do your families have anything like that going on? Aidan’s mom has three out of four who were born on the 8th. What are the chances of any of this? Hmm let me guess 1-2%? haha I kid but really I will buy another lottery ticket today or at least have Aidan get one on the 9th or 18th if either of those work out :)

I felt absolutely horrible yesterday and spent an entire afternoon watching a season of Rehab Addict on Netflix. I think I have one episode left to see and I realize that was really a lot of tv to watch in one day. The girl who stars in the show, Nicole, rocks and I couldn’t get enough! Have you ever seen it? She buys old houses and puts her blood, sweat, and tears into rehabbing them to their former glory. Wow, I wish I could do what she does! For now though I’ll happily binge watch from bed.

My neck has been super stiff since last night and I am guessing that it was from watching so much tv yesterday but I’m a bit worried that I may have caught mono from Regina. She was diagnosed with it last week after being incorrectly diagnosed with strep only 2 weeks before that. We all (including the nurse practitioner who confirmed it was mono) think it was mono all along as her strep tests came back negative after all. It’s great that the first doctor we saw was on point and followed up with us. Sarcasm.  I understand that everyone is busy but she was put on some strong antibiotics that she shouldn’t have been put on, which fucked up her birth control pills (that we weren’t warned of being a possibility) and she was still sick. Thank god she hasn’t been sexually active. OMG that would have been the worst disaster! Anyway, she’s better now, and I’m sure I’m fine and that the stiff neck is from the boob tube.

It’s rainy and humid outside now and I haven’t checked to see if that will be all day today or not. I almost don’t want to look because it really is yucky out and would not be a fun day to do anything outside. Not that I’m planning on doing anything outside but, ya know, I like to complain.

Well, have a great day, hopefully the weather will be nice wherever you are and I hope something great happens in your neck of the woods :)




16 thoughts on “Anything is Possible

  1. My sister is September 2, and her husband is Sept 22nd. Her children are April 2, March 2, May 22 and September 2 (her baby shares her birthday). Fascinating stuff – I think it all means something, but I’m not sure what!

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  2. Hope both you and Regina feel better soon. Family birthdays are fascinating. my sis shares her birthday with our grandmother, I was born on the same day as my brother (17th) but 1 year later, my younger brother was born on 17th of another month, my sister’s best friend was born on the same day as my brother and I… In Nov, there are birthdays on 2,5,8,11 – 3 days between each.

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  3. My eldest sister is June 26th, then the year after my other sister was born on September 26th and then I was due to be born 6 years after and was due July 26th, but I ruined the pattern and came on the 4th August… so all of my mum’s children could of been born on the 26th of different months

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  4. So is tomorrow the big due date?!! Hope that you are feeling well and that you and the fam are all organized and ready for the new baby. Eleven and I both have birthdays on the 18th day of the month – she loves it that we are both “on the eighteen” – ha!

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    1. Yup today is my due day.. We are going over for a stress test and fluid check in a little bit. Maybe they’ll induce me :) probably not lol
      That’s awesome that you have the same day! I’m an odd ball apparently and don’t share my day with anyone :(


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