Melancholy Monday and the Infinite Pregnancy

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Usually it feels like Monday’s come around so quickly but this past week has gone by at a snails pace for me. Obviously waiting on the baby is making time stand still but I also think that having Aidan home is making everything seem slower. It’s like the super longest weekend ever :) I’m only complaining about the waiting on baby part though because I love having Aidan here!

I think he has caught a bit of the nesting bug from me — yesterday we spent a good deal of the day cleaning and organizing. He worked in the nursery and our room and I handled the downstairs and bathroom. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything but when I caught him dusting the blinds in the babies room in made my heart skip a beat. Men are so sexy when they do work around the house! Am I right??  ;)

I have to go up into the attic today to find the user manual for Henry’s carseat. We are finally turning it around and want to make sure we do it right. Having it out will also come in handy for when Aidan’s sister picks Henry up (if she has to) when the baby is making it’s way into the world. I have been wondering how that would work and then had a (common sense) light bulb moment to just have the manual ready for her. I also need to get a bag ready for him with just a few clothes and diapers and toys. I don’t expect she’ll have him for more than a day but I really should be prepared ahead of time..

Also in the attic is the play yard which has a bassinet and changing station on it, so I’d like Aidan to bring that down so we can set it up in the living room and I can give it a good cleaning. I have some infant socks to wash and my bag to recheck but other than that we are seriously done and just waiting. It feels good to be prepared but annoying that it feels like forever. My due date is still 4 days away so I don’t know why I am so anxious about it taking so long, I’m just so super uncomfortable and tired of wondering if everyday will be the day. I know I should just relax and enjoy the last few days of life not being consumed by a newborn but it’s very hard for me to do.

I tried my hand at winning the lottery twice last week but turned up short both times. See — that never works out for me. I am just one of those people who has great luck when it comes to weird (mostly medical) things. I looked up the extra amniotic fluid thing (Polyhydramnios) and once again only 1-2% of pregnant women get it. What gives? I am lucky that none of the diaganoses I’ve ever received were fetal or life threatening though so I will just be grateful for that instead of feeling sorry for myself. A winning lottery ticket sure would be nice though :)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m obviously just very anxious and worried about delivering this baby soon and that it will be healthy and I will be okay. I’d love to get out of my own head for a few hours but I really don’t know how, maybe I’ll figure something out because all of this stress and discomfort isn’t good. Have a great day and please will the universe to put me into labor if you have any kind of pull with whomever controls that sort of thing ;)


9 thoughts on “Melancholy Monday and the Infinite Pregnancy

  1. Men are definitely sexy when they clean other things than the garage and their work room. Oh my gosh, I am excited about your baby coming…lol. I can’t wait! I hope you feel better soon! *easy peasy*💕

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    1. Thanks for the good vibes! My favorite picture I have of Aidan was one where he had a light strapped to his head and he was welding a pipe in our bathroom closet. Omg he just looks so sexy, I’ll love that picture forever. I should frame it lol


  2. I hate to sound like a broken record but remember, “The day your baby is born, the world is changed F O R E V E R !!!” So it can’t be just any other day <3 Love ya, Scarlett


      1. Well Miss Ginger, I am sure it will be a grand day very soon. Most likely before August ;) Keep smiling and remember some day very, very soon. I know I can hardly wait !!!


  3. I am willing ‘the force’ to be with you, Ginger, and to bring this baby along at warp speed! Now go out there and live long and prosper! (Maybe buy another lotto ticket…LOL).


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