Another Regular Friday has Passed

Another night and no baby. I don’t know why but I have myself convinced that this one will be coming in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because both times I had the false labor it was pretty late? I don’t know. I’m slowly convincing myself at this point that it will never come actually lol I know that’s not true but jeeze this last month is torture!

We had a pretty nice day yesterday, didn’t do to much but enough to not sit around all day. Regina and I went to Target in the morning and we were going to bring Henry but he wanted to stay with his Dad while Aidan did yard work. Okay then. It was just us girls and we had a nice time. We stocked up on stuff that we needed and looked at all of the cute baby girl clothes. I almost bought a pair of pajamas with a flamingo on them with the plan to return them if it’s a boy but decided not to. We will just go back :) Target has some really adorable rompers that I’m hoping to purchase if it’s a girl. I’ll leave it at that.

After we got home Aidan took Henry grocery shopping and I got in the shower. I was convinced the baby was coming as I am every hour of every day lately. When they got back I made lunch and then drove Regina to work. Aidan, Henry and I chilled out after that until it was dinner time. Aidan made us taco’s! Yummy, house favorite :) After dinner the three of us sat on the front porch for an hour or two. It was a great night out and Henry was having a fun time identifying all the noises we heard. He is so cute and really becoming such a great talker. Marshall came home just as we were about to head in to put Henry to bed but it was nice for the brothers to see each other for a few minutes. Henry ran over to the gate and opened it while saying “hi. big. brofer.” he’s so cute.

I passed out pretty hard after we settled into bed and even though I woke up a ton last night I don’t feel all that bad. I mostly wake up to switch what side I am laying on and listen to make sure I don’t hear a bunch of kids hanging out outside. I also check to make sure the kids are here and pee. Fun stuff! I fell back asleep easily all four times though so that was great.

I don’t know what we are doing today. We might take Henry to see his first set of fireworks tonight. That should be a lot of fun, hopefully I won’t feel crappy and weasel out of it and hopefully he won’t get too scared. Other than that Regina has work til 4 and I will probably just try to get a little cleaning done. I also want to repack my hospital bag and get a small bag together for Henry to take to his grandparents.

Well, happy 4th of July, I hope nothing comes of the terrorist warnings they’ve been talking about. They really make me nervous and I hope that they are just warnings and nothing else. Be safe out there and have a great day, no matter what you do!


9 thoughts on “Another Regular Friday has Passed

    1. We practically live at Target lol it’s our go to place besides the super market lol they had a new section yesterday and I was a little too happy about it haha


      1. Yeeesssss, I know!!!! Just a little more time to spend there. I have one a mile away and another one with a Starbucks in it 3 miles away. I just went there and walked around with a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucinno. LOL I’m ridiculous, but it was heavenly.

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    1. You might be luckier to have an average Target, we really go there at least twice a week and always get something we don’t really need! It’s hard to stick to a list unless you’ve only got cash in hand for exactly what you go in for. It is a great place to walk around in though just to look at stuff, there is always something to look at :) Luckily they introduce new stuff all the time so your house doesn’t look exactly like your neighbors, though the planters I bought last year ended up being on a neighbors porch a few yards down lol oh well, I found them first haha


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