It’s Been A While, Here’s What’s Happening Now..

Good morning, happy Friday! I know a lot of people are off today to celebrate the 4th of July and I hope that you have a lot of fun things planned for the weekend. We won’t be going anywhere far because the baby still hasn’t come! Every year for the past few years we have gone to Aidan’s parents for a cookout that his sister hosts and I’m sad that we won’t be there this year. I am hopeful that the baby will come today and we will be spending time tomorrow snuggling it instead. But you know.. It has decided to not come out until the year 2018. I’m convinced!

When I went to the doctors on Wednesday I did find out that I’ve dilated another cm and I am almost (if not fully) effaced so that’s great. The baby is head down but the head isn’t engaged like I originally misunderstood. It’s most likely from the extra amniotic fluid in there, which we found out rose more since last week. I now have 32 cm of fluid and the normal ranges are 5-25 cm. So I’m nervous and anxious but none of the doctors seem alarmed so I should just chill out.

They want to run another diabetes test on me, which is ridiculous to me because I wouldn’t have the test until a day before my due date! WTH would the point be? I’ll do what I have to but really hope the baby comes before next Thursday, it was hell having to sit in the doctors for three hours last time and will be worse when it would only make a difference for a few days if we find out that is the cause of the excess fluid. So frustrating.

Big Pimpin(g)

In other awesome news — we ended up getting a new vehicle! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that we needed something larger as we are now a family of 6 but didn’t really want to spend the money. Well, Aidan decided the need was great enough and we researched for a few days before going out to buy a beautiful and large SUV! I was sad to trade my car in because I really loved it so much but I had to be realistic. It was too small, even for the 5 of us and we got a decent trade in for it so there wasn’t really a question.

We ended up getting a 2012 Honda Pilot and I absolutely LOVE it! It has so much room (3rd row seating!) but doesn’t feel too big for me to drive. I was really worried that I’d have a hard time because it is large but it really is easy! It’s not as big as a Navigator or one of those really big SUV’s thankfully but it’s a lot bigger than a mini one. It’s perfect and it’s loaded with all of the options anyone could ask for. I’m really happy with it and so glad that I don’t have to worry about how I am going to be getting the kids to all of their appointments now. Or anywhere all at once. Aidan rocks my socks! 

I know that even though we did a good (almost great) job haggling the price down we are going to have to cut back spending elsewhere to feel comfortable with payments again. Aidan is feeling some pressure about that but once we set a new budget (and actually stick to it) we will be fine. Our excess food spending alone makes the payment and admittedly we have been awful about getting that under control. I’m all for it but have yet to take it seriously this year, despite wanting to. 

Once he looks at everything and figures out what is what I am just going to have to be super stern about it personally and naggingly on his part. It takes a team though right? And I know that not only we can set a budget and stick to it but also we will feel great for doing so.

I want to post pictures of our super awesome truck but I (as usual) feel like a goofball taking pictures lol At some point I will though :) It’s really nice and the car (SUV) of my mommy dreams!

Backyard Garden

The backyard is looking the best it ever has! While there are still plenty of things that need doing I think it’s safe to say I am done for a while, at least until the fall. Here are some pictures that I just ran outside to take:

I took these with my phone so the quality isn’t really great, I will have to bring my camera out there and do some good ones soon! You can see the make shift privacy fence that Aidan constructed with lattice, it looks great! I am going to stain it eventually but it’s been super rainy here and the wood needs to be dry. Plus I’m super preggo so, yeah. That’ll be a fall project ;) It looks nice though, doesn’t it?

I plan on doing more work out there but for now I love to sit on my steps and stare at the hydrangea, hostas and roses. I really didn’t want to keep the hostas but am glad I let Aidan have his way, they do look nice, especially with the other plants. The little dianthus there are getting big but I don’t think I will be keeping them there come fall. I think it depends on how much bigger they get. Right now they just don’t fit in but if they get a foot taller we will see.

Okay well, this has been a super duper long post. I guess I had a few days of catching up to do. I hope to get back into a regular writing routine but the chances are when (and IF) this baby comes I’ll probably post less and less for a little while. Maybe I’ll just do pictures or short little posts though because I really want to keep this blog a going!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While, Here’s What’s Happening Now..

  1. I thought you must have had the baby. I’m excited to know if it’s a boy or girl! Your plants look like they’re growing lovely and that’s great news about the car.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I was thinking for 2 days I should write “no baby, just sleeping in late!” Lol if I go for a few more days without writing I’ll do that but hopefully I won’t! I can’t wait to find out either! I keep calling it a boy though haha it will be a sweet surprise if I am wrong :)

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  2. Well Miss Ginger I’m sure you will be having more fun this 4th than I am. Sick, really I got some kind of bug, omg. We were (operative word, “Were”) going to go to a rooftop cookout and watch the fireworks, then on the 4th we were going to go to Michigan and stay overnight at a quaint little spot back in the woods. Well I had to cancel everything because I feel like crap and I can stay home and feel like crap here for free which is better I guess <3 So sad :) was looking forward to spending time with the husband, but I'm in bed watching movies instead which is not so bad. Good luck with baby and remember the day your baby is born, the world will be changed forever. So it is a very important day !!! Love ya, Miss Scarlet <3


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