Just A Rant About People Who Are Acting Like Cry Babies

So as you may or may not know South Jersey was hit with some really, really bad storms early last week. There was a lot of debate as to whether a tornado touched down in some places and eventually it was ruled that there weren’t any, but the severe damage was caused by flat wind. In any case, tornadoes or not, the damages left by the storms was severe. Cars were flipped over, houses were torn apart, a lot of trees downed from the roots and massive power losses.

Now, I am not in New Jersey any more but I grew up there so many of my friends have been effected by this, and I truly feel bad for them. It sucks bad but luckily none of them or from what I can tell none of their friends and family members were injured, there is just a lot of mess to clean up, and again a lack of power. The storm happened on Tuesday night and now it is Sunday and yes, there are still some people without electric. It was pretty hot until yesterday and I can see how uncomfortable and frustrating this might be, but some of these people are seriously, in my opinion overreacting and being quite dramatic. They are furious with the governor of NJ for not swooping in and declaring a state of emergency. They are bad mouthing the power companies and in general not looking at the big picture.

Back in the winter of 2013-14 we had terrible snow storm after snow storm here in my area. There were two back to back so bad that 3/4 of my township had no power (or heat) for over a week. The community lost all of their refrigerated foods, again there was no heat, and there was massive clean up to be done on top of dealing with ridiculous amounts of snow. Did people complain on Facebook about it? No. They sucked it up. The bought generators, stayed with friends and family, and basically sucked it up. They helped one another. This was just in my township.. Other townships were dealt with much worse. Trees fell into homes and destroyed them. So many people were effected by these snow storms and no one complained the way some people of South Jersey are.

This really gets to me. I hate to see “another day no power” or “Where is the Governor, where is FEMA, where is our electric.” I want to yell at these people but I know they are having a rough time. I understand it’s frustrating but the workers are doing their very best to clean up the mess. I know these people are uncomfortable but seriously.. It could be so so much worse. I wish they’d stop being cry babies and ask more questions like “How can I help? Does anyone need anything?” That’s what our communities did and we got through it and now have an exciting, though damaging time to remember.

Please don’t think I am unsympathetic to the people who are still dealing with the damage brought on by this storm almost a week ago. I am, I just don’t understand why some of them are acting like no one is trying to help and why they don’t seem to be helping each other more.


3 thoughts on “Just A Rant About People Who Are Acting Like Cry Babies

  1. People really need to get a clue…Take care of yourself and stop thinking government is suppose too. If that’s what you need, then you will be waiting for a long, long time. Be self sufficient <3 I'm just say'n.

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  2. I can completely relate. My hometown suffered 2 big earthquakes a while back, people were so dramatic on social media it got to the point of ridiculous. Whereas some who lived in homes with parts of their roof missing and no power/water or roads into their area didn’t complain and we’re thankful for what they still had and wanted to help others less fortunate. It’s all about the power of positive thinking and perspective.

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