I woke up pretty early this morning a few times and decided to get out of bed at 5:44am. It’s Saturday. I didn’t really go to sleep very early but I guess I was sleeping pretty hard to be able to get up and be fully functional, especially considering I usually sleep in on the weekends.

I feel a bit awkward right now because I’m sitting at the dining room table, where I usually sit to write, but Marshal and his friend are sleeping in the next room and his friend keeps waking up every time I make any noise. I feel bad waking him up but there isn’t anywhere else comfortable for me to sit and write.

I have been looking at the ultra sound pictures we got yesterday and really can’t get over how much this baby looks like Henry. It’s hard to tell exactly how a baby is going to look when it comes out but these pictures were taken so close to birth that I am thinking they are pretty accurate. When I look at pictures of Henry’s ultra sounds they don’t look that similar so I know they will have their differences but this one looks so much like Henry looks now. I can’t figure out if it’s because it’s face is full already or what.

I really wanted a girl, mostly to even things out around here. Boys are a lot but they sure are sweet, especially when they are young. Marshal was a very sweet little boy and even though he was always hyper I always felt like I was able to connect with him easier than with Regina. This could be because her dad really hogged her all for himself as she was growing up though. I will say I am harder on Regina but that is because she has different potential than Marshal and I want it to flourish. She is a lot like me and I really would hate to see her not use her gifts the way I hadn’t. Henry is awesome and I connect with him well too. He loves his Dad but Aidan doesn’t hog him so I can have a balanced relationship and it’s so nice and never feels like a competition between us. I think and hope it will be the same with this one.

We have a list of names picked out and I think we have a firm choice for a boy but if it’s a girl it will be harder. I’m pretty sure we have 6 names that we both agree we like but we can’t fully agree (or haven’t fallen in love with) the one yet. I think once the baby is born we will have an easier time deciding if it’s a girl. We already got a feel for the dramatic (and fun) personality this kid holds yesterday when it was making a million silly faces during the ultra sound. Henry makes faces and is quite the actor and honestly this one seems to be quite similar in nature. It should make for fun times as they get older if I’m right.

This post is all over the place and for that I’m sorry. I didn’t really know what I was going to write about so now I’m not following any particular train of thought. I’m excited about this baby though and it feels good :)

Well, I’m going to wake Regina up for work now, I hope you all have a great day!



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