And Now For the Third Trimesters Rare Diagnosis

You didn’t really think I’d get through the third trimester without receiving yet another strange pregnancy diagnosis, did you? I did! I thought I was behind all of this worrisome business but it turns out I was wrong. Okay, okay I’m not that worried this time because it’s not all that serious, but it is following the trend of only 1% of pregnancies getting it. Seriously, where is the winning lottery ticket already??

Anyway last night, once again I had another bout of contractions that lasted for over 3 hours. This time, though I was certain the baby was coming because they were the real deal. They hurt soo, so, so bad. Back labor, not able to talk or walk, you know real contractions. But then they stopped. I kept reassuring myself that at least I had an OB appointment this morning and surely I will have progressed far after all that. I’d have dilated much further along, I’d have thinned out more, the baby would have come down more.. Yeah. Nada. I haven’t had any change since last week. Cover your ears. Mother Fucker. 1 cm. Hardly any effacement. And “I’m really sorry to say this but the baby’s still up there really high.”


So then the doctor and I got to talking a bit and he ended up scheduling me for inducement. He said I would be induced on the 17th, one week after my due date. My constellation prize. Thanks. He was concerned about the way I reported the movements though because while I feel it move I have to search for movement quite a lot by pressing my palm on my stomach to feel any flutters, etc. He sent me over to the hospital for a non-stress test and an ultra-sound because he also wanted to check my amniotic fluid levels.

So I called Aidan and picked him up and we headed over. I wasn’t worried and told him that at least we’d get to see the baby one more time before it arrives. Once we got there they strapped two monitors onto my belly and I was lectured by a condescending nurse about not eating yet for the day. I explained that I was up until 2am and had the doctors appointment first thing in the morning and came right over. She didn’t want to hear it. She disapproved. Then she looked at her little graph and almost rudely said “The baby moved 18 times since you’ve been hooked up.. You didn’t feel it?” No lady, I didn’t. Quite frankly I wasn’t liking this woman. Then my contractions started and of course because she thinks I’m a horrible idiot mother to be she down played them and acted like I was being silly for saying they were bothersome.

Anyhoo.. After the non-stress test she came in and did the ultra sound. “Oh, you have a lot of fluid in there.” Is that good? “You actually have what we call Polyhydramnios, it means that your fluid levels are over 25. “Okay. Well, is that bad?” She didn’t say yes or no. “That would explain why you don’t feel a lot of movement. BOYAH BITCH! IN YOUR FACE! “I’ll have to talk to the doctor, he will want to evaluate. Did you have diabetes testing done? It usually indicates a big baby.” I told her how I failed the first test but did fine on the 3 hour one. I also imagined a 9 pounder in my belly.

The doctor did a check and confirmed that the fluid level is high and that the baby is big. How big? 7 pounds 7 ounces. This is not alarming to me. Marshal was 8 pounds six ounces but he was born at 41 weeks and 3 days. As of today I am 38 weeks exactly. Supposedly the babies gain a half a pound a week at this point so if we do the math.. It would be over 9 pounds if I deliver that late. So yeah, it could be a big baby. I was told that I need to come back weekly for non-stress testing and ultra sounds to monitor what’s going on but they did send me into a panic or anything of the sort. On the way out the condescending nurse was much nicer to me. Funny how that worked.

I go back to the OB on Wednesday for a check up and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they bump the induction date up, but that’s just a guess. I have the u/s and testing done on Thursday. It makes me feel good that everything is being monitored but dang, couldn’t I have gone through one trimester without any complications? I am the 1%! Also, again, where is my winning ticket??

The highlight of the day was getting new and updated photos of the baby! It was smiling and blowing raspberries, so cute and completely fun to see. I can’t wait to get to meet the little (big) ham and I am even more convinced now than before that it is a boy because it seriously looks just like Henry and Aidan! Here’s an updated picture. If it’s a girl I might feel a little bad saying she looks just like her brother but Henry does look pretty when Regina puts a pig tail in his hair lol.


Well, have a great weekend. I doubt this baby is coming but I guess you never know. If it does of course I’ll share pictures, if not I’ll complain about something else ;)




7 thoughts on “And Now For the Third Trimesters Rare Diagnosis

  1. That looks like the face of a very sweet little boy. Hey – my birthday is July 17. That’s a good day to be born, I’d say! ;) But for your sake, I hope you go before then.

    As for being the 1% – well, go buy a lotto ticket for heavens sake! You might just be the 1% that wins big!

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    1. It sounds like a great day to be born :) I buy the tickets from time to time, I’m convinced one of these times my 1% status will pay off.. Probably when I’m 90 and the day before I die, but still lol

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  2. My first baby was 9 lbs./12oz. OMG He looked like a 6 month old when he was born. The nurses kept laughing every time they brought him to me. No C-section, delivered him V. That was before epidurals was the choice of pain management !!! Breathing did not help so much…It’s going to be soon, so excited for you <3


  3. I agree, that looks like the face of a very cute, chubby cheeked baby boy! I smiled so hard seeing that face! The good news in all of this is that baby is still nice and healthy swimming around in all that fluid you have going on. Mama just was providing him with a little extra protection!

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    1. I’ve been thinking about you and checking for posts by you every day! Hope you are doing well, I’m going to hopefully write tonight or tomorrow! This week there is even more fluid :( I feel so so big someone asked if I was having twins today so I guess I look it too lol


      1. I had the last few days off of work so I forced myself to take a bit of time away from the computer during those days. I will try to post something today :)

        I didn’t know that fluid could increase at the end of pregnancy. I heard it can reduce itself, but no idea the opposite was possible. Is it causing more discomfort?


  4. Yes, it can, nuts right? I’m super uncomfortable and this morning I found that I can’t even wear certain bras and it’s making me measure 2-3 weeks further along :( I was told they can drain some out but that seems risky and unnecessary! I’m glad you are doing well and taking breaks!


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