Shopping and Driving and the Garden, Oh My

Good morning, happy Thursday! This week is going quickly here, soon enough it will be Monday again :) Yesterday was pretty good. The only thing we had to do was go to Regina’s therapy and even though the appointment wasn’t until 3 we left early at around 1:30 because Marshall was being pretty hyper and getting to the point where he was going to aggravate Regina or myself. It ended up being the perfect time though because we had a couple of stops to make along the way and then ran into some road work. Usually it takes about 30 minutes (tops) to get to her doctors but we got there with only 10 minutes to spare. I’ll tell you it was nice not rushing and Henry got a good nap while we were in the car, too.

After her session ended Regina asked if we could go over to the mall. She wanted to get some shorts from Charlotte Ruse but I was over heated and didn’t have the energy to walk around at all. It was hot out and I was wearing stretch pants and a light sweater (like a dummy) but I did tell her I’d take her there this morning. I’m going to wake her up at 8 and hopefully Henry will wake up before 8:30 so we can leave at that time. The mall doesn’t open until 10 but I said it might be a good idea to practice some driving in the malls parking lot while it was empty.

Olive Branch (aka Enticement)

We haven’t had the chance to take Regina out driving even once she’s gotten her permit over a month ago. First of all she was running around after school and then she got into trouble because of it and I was pissed and thinking of taking her permit away. After therapy though I thought maybe it would get her focused and keep her on track. I mean if she gets a taste of driving and imagines all the new freedom maybe she will be excited for it and not blow curfew, avoid my phone calls, etc. so she can keep learning to drive. We will see. Aidan kinda looked at me crossed eyed when I said I was going to take her but I said I thought it would entice her and he seemed to quickly understand what my angle was. I hope I am right. If not I’ll just take the permit away again.

Garden Update

Yesterday morning I spent a few minutes deadheading my rose bush. I hope I did it right. I’ve only had practice last year and did it pretty well then but had to look online again because I had forgotten where I was supposed to make the cuts. After I trimmed them up I read another article that said you can actually manipulate the plants based on where you cut the dead roses off. You can force the stems to produce one larger flower or make many small ones. Obviously last year I cut it in the way that produces many small ones and I’m hoping I did that again. I really must have had 4 dozen (if not more) blooms that had blossomed on that plant so far. It was beautiful!

Roses are definitely new to me and I still have a lot to learn about them but so far so good. After deadheading them the plant is really bare but there are a ton of new buds that will be opening soon. I really like roses and want to get more in the future. I was always intimidated by them thinking the were very fussy but so far I have been wrong :)

I’m also so, so happy to tell you that my hydrangea is blooming this year, too! We had a horrible winter the one before last and it practically murdered my prized (to me) hydrangea. It’s one that blooms on old wood and unfortunately it wasn’t doing anything last year, so I read that I had to cut it all the way back. I was so worried about it but wanted to save it more than anything. It grew new stems quickly and had beautiful leaves and form but no flowers. I was beginning to worry it wouldn’t blossom again this year but guess what? It is filling up with crazy flowers!! They are starting to get color too and I’m so glad they are still the deep purple and deep red that they’ve always turned. Aidan wanted to make them blue but I said no! because I really haven’t seen any other plants in my plants color. Thanks weird soil!

As far as the planters in the front.. They are looking really pathetic and it’s time for me to move things around and plant new summer flowers. The lavender is spent for the year, the phlox looks dead and the petunias and violas are wimping out. I’m going to try transplanting the lavender and phlox so they come back next spring and now need to research summer to fall flowers. If cabbage is available now I might just get some of that. I was really hoping the planters would last thru till summer but I guess I got that wrong.. I will probably try to get some plants today if the selection at Lowes doesn’t look to terrible. I won’t be planting anything once the baby gets here and I’m running out of time!

I did finally fill the big planter on the porch.. Actually Aidan filled it while I “supervised” from the seat because I wasn’t motivated that day. We picked out 2 different coleus and it looks nice! I’ll get a picture of that when I renew the small planters!

Okay well this was a long post and I think I’ve gone off enough about plants and Regina :) I hope you all have a great day, it’s almost the weekend and if you are feeling spunky for thirsty Thursday and aren’t preggo too please drink a beer (or a shot of tequila!) for me. Ahh, I’m looking forward to a drink! Soon enough, very soon ;)


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