Big Belly

Hey there! Happy Tuesday :) No baby here yet and I suppose I should just resign to the fact that it won’t be here for a few more weeks! It’s already been baking 4 days longer than Henry did and for that I am grateful because it just means it’s growing bigger and bigger. Not that that makes me feel physically comfortable but it is a good thing!

My belly looks as if it’s going to fall right off of my body as I’ve dropped and the weight is falling over and down. Everywhere I go I get asked at least once when I’m due and then told they can tell it’s coming soon. Through out my pregnancy no one bothered me this time with questions about my bump and though I didn’t mind it made me wonder if I am just an unapproachable person to talk to anymore. Maybe, but now that I constantly look uncomfortable I get asked. Hmm. I also realized that only one person asked me if it was my first. With Henry I was asked all the time. Do I look that much older now? The one woman who did ask was genuinely shocked when I told her I was a pro and it was my fourth. That made me feel good. Is that weird?

I had my mind made up that I would get my tubes tied after this one but it is a separate surgery so Aidan volunteered to get his male parts fixed up nice. He rocks! I accepted the offer but if I end up having a c-section for some unseen reason I’ll get my tubes tied at that point (if they do that which I think they do.) I suppose it will be a little sad to think that we can’t have any more kids but honestly.. Four for me and two four him. That is plenty enough stress and love for a lifetime! Plus I can’t imagine ever going through pregnancy again. My body isn’t built for it! I don’t know how those of you who have more than 2 do it :) Seriously, pregnancy is a lot of work and tough on your body. Not to mention what happens afterwards when there are people to take care of! I say good for you all, you are truly better than I am!

Well, have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Big Belly

  1. Number 5 was it for me. I realized that the body just would not be able to carry another one… I originally really wanted 6 but 5 is all I got. That was plenty, 4 boys and 1 girl. The girl was #3. I wanted to have a sister for her but I got 2 more boys and I said, “I’m done <3" There is always a lot of activity in my life even now when they are grown (Ages 22 thru 32) :) It is a bit easier now though, physically not so much mentally though. Little kids, little problems…Big kids, big problems. I like to think in my mom world of all of them just sitting high up on a shelf, save from the world that we live in. Baby will be hear soon, enjoy what time you have left <3

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    1. I’ve said for years that when they are little it’s really hard physically and as they get older it’s even harder mentally! You get more sleep as they age because they sleep better but you sleep less soundly because you worry more! So, so true! I can’t even imagine what their 20’s will be like for me. I suppose it will help having adolescence to focus on (maybe!) only time will tell!
      It’s funny how our bodies say “this is it.. You’re done!” I’m listening for sure haha

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  2. Not weird at all that you felt good shocking a lady when you told her that this baby is your fourth! It feels good to shut those nosey people up sometimes. Or maybe that’s just me lol. Clearly you must look good if someone was surprised that you’ve got three kids and a fourth on the way!

    I’m quite impressed Aiden agreed to getting the snip. I think that it’s only fair for the man to consider having it done after his partner has done way harder work carrying all of the kids and destroying her body with them and then having to work that much harder to get the old body back (if it ever comes back). You have a good man there!

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    1. Aidan is awesome, he was the one who suggested it I didn’t even have to ask! It’s much easier for men so it’s logical but asking a man to do that seems to me would take a lot! As far as getting my body back (and anyone who’s had a baby) it’s totally possible! I never looked better than after having the first two. It took work but woo boo my body was rockin! Of course boobs change for the worst and you can’t do anything about that unless you get surgery but it is what it is. Because I was only 21 after my 2nd was born I had a really hard time accepting that my boobs weren’t perky anymore but as I got older I learned to let it go and accept that it was a good trade off :)


      1. That’s soooo good. I have dropped a few hints around Eddie about getting the snip down the road, but he acts horrified that I would even suggest such a thing, so I’ve dropped it and figure we will re-visit it once we’ve decided how many kids we want after making it through this one. Men seem to be very particular about this kind of thing and I think you’re right in that it kind of has to be their idea and not something they were forced into.

        Ohhhh the boob thing. I’m already not loving the changes to mine, so I can’t wait to see how much more I’m not loving them once done breastfeeding! But that’s what good bras are for right! :)

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  3. Hopefully it is not too hot out where you are – hot and *really* pregnant is definitely not a fun feeling. Feel good – hope the other kids don’t stress you out too much and I look forward to more baby updates!!


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