I Think Today Marks the Last Day of Spring..

Good morning! Happy Saturday!! I hope you all had a really nice week and have some relaxing time scheduled into this weekend. All it seems I want to do around here anymore is relax but when it gets down to it my mind wanders to the things I could be doing or should be doing instead of resting. There really isn’t too much that I should be doing but there is a lot I could be doing.. If I had the energy! Do your brains go into hyper drive the way mine does?

Aidan’s boss gave him the thumbs up to work from home while we wait for this little baby to come out and meet us. That was great to hear when he came home early yesterday. Even though he was confident that it would happen I still thought his boss might say no way! I’m glad it worked out though :) It’s really great that he works in the IT field and can work from home, it’s come in as a benefit on more than a few occasions!

The weather is going to be pretty blah around here over the weekend with a lot of heat, humidity and rain storms predicted. Summer sure came quick around here, there has been very high temperatures and a lot of humidity for quite a few weeks! I think summer is official starting tomorrow but it certainly feels like it already. Maybe this undesirable weather will be good and I’ll actually get some cooking done. Maybe I should throw in the towel on thinking I’ll have a freezer full of food when the baby arrives. I tend to come up with big plans and mean well but never get them done. We’ll see. I did get the vacuuming done yesterday and it immediately made me (and the house) feel much better. Seriously the air feels lighter in here lol. Two weeks is a long time to skip on vacuuming and it was certainly the longest I’d gone without.

The infant car seat arrived on Thursday night and we pulled it out of the box last night :) Woo hoo we really have all the things we need and it feels great! Aidan will be putting it in the car sometime in the next few days, which will be nice to have done but stink because I won’t have any room in the back seat. How the heck am I going to get the kids to all of their same day appointments? Something to figure out but not the end of the world. I’m so grateful just to have a really nice car that works and is reliable so although it won’t fit all of us at once that’s not anything to get upset over!

Well, I don’t have too much else that I can think of writing about today so I am going to wrap it up. Again, I hope you all have a really nice weekend and do some relaxing! Everyone needs that from time to time or more often ;)



3 thoughts on “I Think Today Marks the Last Day of Spring..

  1. That’s brilliant news about your husband working from home. He will be of great help once the labour starts. When are you due again? I hope everything will go well for you!

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    1. I’m due on July 10th, which is still a few weeks away, however the last one came at 37 weeks and 1 day and my dr said it’s possible I could be delivering soon. With my luck this one will come late lol Thanks for the well wishes :)


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