Doctors Update!

So as I mentioned yesterday I had my OB appointment and ended up going well. I measured at 39 weeks which is ahead of the actual 37 I am but the doctor wasn’t alarmed. She said it could be that the baby is big or it was from the position I was laying in. My fingers are crossed that the baby is big, well, bigger than Henry was anyway! As far as dilation.. I’m a measley 1+ cm and hardly effaced. She did say I am full term and could go at any time though, so that was reassuring. 

They took the last of my blood tests and gave me the bacterial swabs so from now on it will just be listening to the heartbeat, measuring and talking. Speaking of the heart beat it was LOW.. 122 the normal range is 120-160 so I was alarmed but she didn’t seem concerned at all. She said in the later stage the baby is bigger so the heartbeat slows down a lot. It’s always been on the low side so I am not going to freak out (because she didn’t) I just hope it’s all fine.

Today I have to take Regina for her senior portrait session. Senior. Regina. Omg. Time flys so fast! Next week I have to take her for summer school orientation but other than that I am good on days that the baby coming won’t be a mild panic eruption :)

Aidan is going to talk to his boss today about working from home until the baby gets here. He is about an hour + away from home so if this is a quick process we might be cutting it close. I’ll feel better having someone here who can drive me to the hospital, that’s for sure. I just worry the baby won’t come for another few weeks and his job will be mad at him. He’s also taking 2 weeks off after the baby is born but he will be off off not working from home. That is going to be great and a huge help. I have a feeling Henry is going to be very jealous and need more attention and the big kids will probably be jealous and rebel. Having someone to keep everyone in check while I recover is going to be a blessing!

Well, I have some housework to get working on.. Shamefully I admit I haven’t vacuumed in two weeks.. Seriously. I usually do it every other day or at least twice a week but I am super far behind and the rugs are shedding like crazy. Pretty gross!

I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful start to the weekend!


6 thoughts on “Doctors Update!

  1. I hope your partner gets to work at home and that all works out alright with his work. I can understand your concerns. Aww, I do feel for you thinking about how his work will be, how the kids will be and worrying about the vacuuming. But it’s good you’ll have the 2 weeks of help once the baby is here :)

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  2. I’m glad everything went well with the doctor visit! I talked to my doctor last week about the heart rate slowing down in our little guy and she said the exact same thing your doctor did. So that’s two for two, so it must be true! Your little one is probably just chilling out and waiting for the big show to start! Keeping my fingers crossed that Aiden will be able to do that work from home. It will give you some peace of mind knowing he’s right there. Do you have a back up option for if they don’t approve the work from home? Someone else to drive you to the hospital or take care of Henry while you get yourself there?

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    1. Thanks for reassuring me, that was great to hear! Aidan is pretty sure he’s going to be here, if not I’ll just be waiting for him to get here. We don’t live close to anyone. As of now Regina is watching Henry and my sil will come take him from her. She’s about an hour and 20 minutes away so if worse comes to worse I’ll just have to wait for them both lol I think we will be okay though! I don’t think this baby will be born in an hour or two, that would be insane!


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