Nice Rainy Thursday and Hopefully a Good Doctors Visit

Today is the first day of summer vacation for the big kids. They actually have school scheduled for two hours but I didn’t make them go because two hours is just silly and only meant for them to turn books in or whatever. The teachers actually discourage them from coming in and have already said their goodbye’s when they saw them for their finals this week.

So, I got to sleep late :)

It’s raining outside and it sounds nice. I’m relieved because it’s been in the 90’s for over a week and with it only going up to 75 today it’s a nice break. Plus I haven’t watered anything and the rain makes me feel less guilty about that.

I have my OB appointment this afternoon and I can’t wait. I want to know if I’ve dialated at all. I suspect I have becasue I’ve been getting wicked braxton hicks, so bad that we were timing them the other night. Come tomorrow I’ll be 37 weeks and feeling much better about if the baby comes early. They say 37 weeks is the marker. Henry was born at 37 weeks and though he was tiny there weren’t any major complications. He had jaundice pretty bad and actually had to spend a night in St. Chris’s under a special light but it wasn’t life threatening and he was fine in the end. Of course the longer the baby cooks the better and that’s what we want but I am prepared for another event like Henry’s because well, that happened.

Both of the big kids were 10 days late and I was induced with each of them. With Henry my water broke but I still needed to be induced because I wasn’t contracting. He took 26 hours to come out. The big kids took 6 and 5 hours. Big difference! I wonder what will happen this time?

I’m so uncomfortable as anyone who has gone through prgnancy will tell you this last month sucks. Hard to move, hard to get comfortable, hard to breathe. It’s just hard. It’ll be a thing of the past soon though. Crazy! There is going to be another baby here. I can’t wait to meet it :)

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Nice Rainy Thursday and Hopefully a Good Doctors Visit

        1. I gave mine a little pep talk the other night.. I said tonight and tomorrow won’t be good to come out but anytime after that will be okay lol We had a lot to do yesterday haha I guess it worked


  1. I hope the appointment goes well! And hooray for a sleep in!!

    About a week ago I read someone referring to the last month of pregnancy feeling like you’re wading through mud. I still have 6 weeks 6 days to go and can completely agree with that statement.

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    1. I’ll tell you what.. Last week and sort of the week before I felt pretty good, so you might get a nice little break starting next week. Heck even a couple of days of feeling not so miserable is good :) I’m back to normal now but the little break was wonderful!
      As slow as the time feels like it’s moving it sure is going fast, do you feel that way too?


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