A Beautiful Wedding Cake

I haven’t really done much planning for our wedding at all since becoming engaged on Christmas day of last year. We’ve been quite busy with expecting our last baby and decided it would be best to wait until after it arrives and things have settled before having our wedding so we can focus on one thing at a time. I do however keep my eyes and mind open to things for when the time is right.

When I saw this cake the other day I knew immediately that I wanted something similar though! I screen shot it and sent it to my sister-in-law who will be making the cake to see if she was familiar with the technique:

click photo for source

Oh my goodness, I think it is just lovely! I showed Aidan and asked his opinion and he agreed, it’s perfect for us.. Not too simple not too over the top, kinda different a little rustic but elegant. His sister said she can do it or something along those lines and I am so, so excited to see if it will come together and also to have something solidly picked out! We won’t be doing the flowers (which are stunning though) but instead probably getting a quirky topper that I found a few months ago and fell in love with.

We still have a ton to do in order to get the ball rolling on the wedding, I mean we haven’t even picked a solid date at this point, but having anything figured out feels nice and I am getting excited!


15 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding Cake

    1. I did some research and found it to be fondant. My sil said it could be done with buttercream frosting or fondant. I’d think the fondant would be much easier to work with, though still difficult, but easier to manipulate.

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  1. That’s beautiful! I love the simplicity of it but at the same time it’s really different and gorgeous!

    Looking forward to getting to read updates on wedding planning once your little guy/girl arrives. I love me all things wedding :)

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    1. Good! Maybe you’ll be able to offer me some tips then because I’m not very good at planning, I just know things that I like lol pulling it all together is a completely different story for me though!


      1. Haha you may regret making that comment! I always have tons of ideas for weddings that I love to share. But only if asked!

        And because I just took a walk down memory lane looking at our wedding photos, I thought I would share them with you :) Lots of things I would have done slightly different if there was more money, but overall, very happy with how it turned out!


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        1. Yay! Thanks for sharing the photos! Your wedding looked like a great time and you looked beautiful! I especially like Eddie’s socks lol Wanna hear the funniest thing.. When I was looking at them I saw your sister in a black dress and knew it was her and thought wow they look a lot a like haha duh
          I’d love your help, you did a great job with yours! I guess maybe I should do a Pinterest board at some point to figure out our direction?


          1. Eddie is a huuuuge fan of those crazy socks. His drawer is full of bright colours. It’s kind of his “thing” these days, on top of vibrant patterned funky dress shirts under his suits for work. He’s a character lol.

            Definitely start everything with a pinterest board. It can be a bit addicting adding things, but as you go on you’ll find that your interests start to go in a certain direction and you can start to narrow things down. There are also lots of timeline lists that you can follow once you pick a date. They help you figure out when you need to have things booked or selected. They can be quite handy at the start as it all can be overwhelming thinking of all you need to do. First tip from me :)

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