Loose Cannon to Lock Down

Hey there, it’s Monday again. Another quick flying weekend has passed us by and mine was really nice, how was yours? This morning was fairly easy waking Marshall up, too, so though I’m suspicious as to why I am grateful. I haven’t written in a few days and started to make one super long post but have decided to break them up into a few just so I don’t put anyone to sleep.. Here is the first of three; it’s an update on the Regina drama.

Things are temporarily sorted out with Regina, her lady really helped me out on that front. As far as me saying it’s temporary that’s because it probably is only a temporary fix. She was placed on house restriction for 2 weeks and if she does everything she is supposed to she will get her privileges of freedom back. For the next week and a half though she isn’t allowed to leave the house unless it’s with me or Aidan or her Dad, or to go to school or work.

We also got the summer school bit straightened out. She will be able to enroll and get her Algebra 2 done on-line over the next 8 weeks. She needed that class in order to be promoted this year and seriously this will be her third time taking it. Third. She failed last year and again this year. Can you hear my sigh? I’m making her pay for the course ($100) because she is the one who made the poor choices which led to her failing and I hope she will take the summer course more serious when it’s her hard earned money paying for it.

If she passes it won’t mess up her schedule for next year and add a lot of stress to her schedule. Also she will still be able to attend the vocational school for a year of cosmetology which she didn’t qualify for this year because of having to make up classes from previous years. Still following? Basically she’s been playing catch up since summer of her freshman year. I hope this summer will get her caught up once and for all. If she screws up then she’s screwed and I will feel no guilt because this is her problem. I hope she will take this course and her last year seriously so she can graduate on time.

I expect that she will start acting up with blowing curfew once the two weeks is up but hopefully she realizes that the consequences will be: full blown probation with the chance of her being sent to live out of the house for a few weeks or an ankle bracelet. It was all explained to her clearly and this girl is smart (she really is which is what makes this so hard) so I really hope she does what she needs to in order to prevent those things from becoming a part of her life. Another thing that will help is that her follow up court date will be in July so she might keep it together until then. From there she will probably screw around but and hopefully it won’t be too terrible and I won’t have to pull all of my hair out!

I still haven’t given her wi-fi or her phone back but told her once she gets her room (LAUNDRY!) cleaned up correctly I’ll give her the wi-fi back. I’m not sure when she’ll get her phone and I think I’m being generous with the wi-fi so that’s still up in the air.

Thanks for all of your kind words regarding this girl, she really has been a pain in the ass but I don’t feel judged about the whole ordeal, that means a lot. Hopefully (but not likely) it will be smooth sailing from here and you’ll only hear wonderful things about my A++ star student. With her being on track for the past few days I have been able to start laying into Marshall. It hasn’t been effective but I’m just getting started. It’s much easier to focus on them one at a time, that’s for sure. We’ll talk about that more in the next few days or weeks. He’s a hot mess, too.

Well have a great day and if you are interested I have 2 more posts coming up: one about the new baby’s stuff and one about a possible wedding cake, stay tuned :)



One thought on “Loose Cannon to Lock Down

  1. Hi Ginger, I can relate to your life. Albeit, I was the child from hell !!! I got arrested and it wasn’t for shoplifting, I’ll just let it go at that. It was a felony, but luckily I was under 16 and it didn’t stay on my record. My record, just saying that is so foreign to me. I spent 14 months in a behavioral rehabilitation facility in Maine. A long way from home. I came from a very nice, middle class family with a mother and father and 3 sisters. I just want to tell you your kids are way to young to give up on, so don’t !!! I know you won’t but it is going to be a lot of work and stress but worth it when they finally grow up. You’ll know. I just want you to know I met my husband during that very stressful time. He was a great influence on me and we have had a great relationship and 37 year marriage, so you just don’t know what the plan is. I learned so much about life when I was young going through all the sh..t. I never would have made it this far w/o those life experiences. Let’s see, I have lost a child, nearly killed in a car accident (a coma and paralyzed on my left side, many months of rehab, we lost our home, and just a lot of other drama’s along the way. I have a strong faith that has pulled me through all of this and our love just grows stronger. W/O preaching, just believe in something greater than yourself and you will make it <3 Love ya, Patti


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