Baby, We are Prepared!

We finally finished up all the baby gear shopping! We were out for 5 hours yesterday checking out the last on our list: a car seat and stroller. I was seriously exhausted and frustrated with the whole ordeal. Of course, this was all my own doing and I was making it much harder than it needed to be. I just didn’t want to buy (and waste money on) something I’d hate and not put to good use.

I was still in love with the UPPA baby system and Aidan agreed it was really nice and would suit each one of our needs. Unfortunately, to configure it the way we wanted (even with buying last years model and a compatible non-UPPA infant carrier) the price would have been between $900-$1100. Seriously. Playing with the set in person was painful!

Aidan is the best and really wants to make me happy so he said “Let’s just buy it” but I had to be realistic. $1000 is a shit ton of money for something that we won’t use on another baby. This is our last and it would be a waste after a year (or less). It just wasn’t responsible to even entertain the thought. I know he was glad when I sulked no about getting it but I feel much better for being level headed. I wasn’t sulking towards him I was sulking because of the whole situation but it made me realize how lucky I am with just the fact that he would say we could get it, just to make me happy.

In any case, we did the smartest thing possible.. We ordered another of the same infant car seat that we had for Henry (that was tossed because of the fire). It was discontinued some time ago but we found one on Amazon and I previously made sure there weren’t any recalls on it. The price? $120! Half the price it was originally purchased for. It also comes with the adapter for the stroller we luckily still have (and was ridiculously expensive) so that won’t be a waste!

As far as not having a double stroller, I’m kinda bummed but I really don’t want anything big and Henry is old enough to walk now. My fear of him running away and me having to chase him with the stroller will be fixed if we buy him a harness. Yup, a leash. OMG when did I turn into this person? Go ahead laugh.. I deserve that and when I’m done crying I’ll laugh with you. We will see if I actually go down that road but if I do it will be out of necessity, you hear?

Aside from the car seat we also picked up a 5 pack of white onsies, 2 nightgowns, and an outfit — all in neutral colors! If it’s a boy we are obviously set on clothes but we needed a few more onsies anyway as the old ones were soiled badly and thrown out along the way. The night gowns and outfits will come in handy, too. If it’s a girl at least she won’t be wearing blue her first few days and between what we bought yesterday and the neutral stuff I pulled from Henry’s stash we have enough clothes to get few the first few weeks.

Almost all of the baby clothes and linens are washed and ready to go and the bassinet was assembled yesterday. As soon as the car seat arrives (by the beginning of next week) it will be put in the car and we are ready! Wow, last time we were soooo unprepared because he came three weeks early. It was really stressful (for me) when we came home from the hospital and everything needed to be washed, assembled and figured out. Even though Aidan did all of the work all of the clutter and unpreparedness got to me big time. This time we’ve got it all done a month ahead so Aidan won’t have to run around to a million places or do a million things! Woo-hoo! It feels great!

The only thing I have left to do here is cooking and cleaning. I plan to start the cooking this week maybe even as soon as today. I have my OB check on Thursday and Friday puts me at 37 weeks. Henry came at 37 weeks and 2 days so my goal is to be ready for that again, just in case! If I have time to relax before the baby comes all the better of course!


6 thoughts on “Baby, We are Prepared!

  1. Sounds like so much fun. Oh I remember when!!! Our Matthew came 3 weeks early too and we had just moved. I had a 5 year old and a 2 year old. It was utter mayhem. But we did all survive. I didn’t ever have a crib put up. I think if I remember correctly, even when you think you have everything under control a new baby always brings surprises. Everyone kind of just freaks out. So momma remember to just go to bed with your new baby as often as you can and just let the world go. I’m sure you will have to take Henry with you a lot of the time but that will be good for all of you. The two older ones should be able to take over, so let’s hope the do. They can surprise you sometimes. Really they can be quite helpful <3 Love ya, Patti


    1. They big kids were a ton of help with Henry and still are so hopefully they will help with this one too! I know there will probably be a few things we forgot we need but for the most part I definitely think we are squared away. Much more than we were with Henry anyway! Once the baby is 3 months old I’ll be able to take them both to the Y so that will give me a little unwinding time and it’s something I can keep looking forward to when it’s chaotic here. Things were really calm once everything was finally set up for Henry, I don’t know what will happen this time, only time will tell :) thanks for your email by the way, it was sweet and means a lot!!


  2. Must be a weight off your shoulders knowing you have a lot of things checked off your list now. Once you get the cooking done you can rest up and get mentally prepared for the new baby coming into your lives! It will be pretty exciting for us readers to get to see the first post about baby boy or baby girl!

    Have you checked to see if the stroller you bought is compatible with something like this:
    I know the website is a UK ebay site, but it was a quick internet search to find a picture example of what I was wanting to describe to you. This could be something you can buy and attach to the stroller so Henry has somewhere to stand and get pushed if he starts to get tired of walking. I’m not sure what American prices are like, but it could be worth seeing if it’s an option? Especially if Henry is still spending some time in a stroller right now, it might be a tough transition to tell him “no” to going in the stroller because new baby is in it. Just a thought :)


    1. That’s one of the pieces that we really liked on the uppa!! The sales woman told us that he should be three though because at two he might not really get the concept.. The uppa one is 100$ and I hadn’t thought to see if anyone else makes them generic, but now you are giving me hope!! I’ll look and see today if I can find one, thanks!!


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