Feeling Very Much Better Today.. a post without cursing ;)

Okay, well I feel much better than I did yesterday. I suppose venting helped a lot. Cleaning Marshall’s room helped even more. Don’t worry, he did 75% of the work. I delegated and kept it moving as well as kept him motivated to follow through to the end. Of course there is still laundry that needs doing but I think it’s down to the last load or two. We washed everything and even though it took a while the smell is gone, I’m not worried about breaking my neck when I go down there and I’m not furious anymore.

Maybe I overreacted but I strongly believe that even if I wasn’t full of raging pregnancy hormones I would have flipped my shit. A person can only take so much, you know?

Other than cleaning Marshall’s room with him yesterday we got quite a few other big jobs accomplished around here. Aidan was working from home because he didn’t sleep well the night before and when he was finished up for the day he went outside to work on the patio. We had two privacy panels that were falling apart so he removed them as well as a tree/shrub/bush thing that was huge and annoyed him and our neighbor. I wasn’t attached to the tree but it did provide a privacy factor that is now gone so that kinda (but not really) sucks. I also think the tree was a breeding ground for stink bugs so we will see if there are less of them this year.

After everything was removed I was honestly unhappy about it because of the lack of privacy now between my and the neighbors yard. There is no denying that the panels had to come down, half of the slats were missing from previous months and it looked terrible and was rotting out, but now being exposed to my neighbors trash cans the view feels even worse:

IMG_1754 IMG_1755The first photo is where the two privacy panels were. Aidan luckily kept the posts up. At first we were thinking we’d let our clematis grow up the post and hang the ferns on them but after seeing it and how terrible the whole area looked I kinda freaked out a little inside. Aidan cleaned up the area but it still looked terrible. I told him that we would need to replace the panels at some point because of how awful it looks but each panel costs over $100 and on the opposite side of the patio there are 3 more that we will need to do. $500 + is not something we really want to spend there right now.

So while I pouted Aidan suggested the brilliant idea of getting lattice to put between the posts.. It would add some privacy, cover up the mess and provide a large trellis surface for the clematis to climb all over. Plus it’s far less expensive than panels and relatively easy to install. He rocks my socks! I thought his idea was brilliant and looked up prices. To do both sides it will cost a whopping estimated total of $60. Yeah baby. We went over to Lowes and picked up the supplies, except the lattice, which he will get today.

The second picture above s where the tree was removed. There is a lot of light in the kitchen now and zero privacy. I’ve never had a curtain on the window that faces the tree because it served as a screen so we picked a cordless shade up while we were at Lowes. I have two other windows in the kitchen but I didn’t get shades for them because they are blocked by my backyard and even looking in there isn’t much for people outside to see because they are so high up off of the ground. Will it look weird only having one window with a blind? I don’t think so, that window is on a wall by itself so I think it will be okay. Also if I added them to the other windows I think the blind would get gunky from the sink and the stove.

What will we put in that spot that the tree was in? I have no idea for now and the stump will need to be grinded down before anything can be planted anyway. I am not going to worry about that spot until next spring at least, maybe fall. That will give us enough time to see what type of sunlight we get there now and get a few ideas of what would visually look best. The spot is an important one as it’s the view from the street so I really want it to be well thought out and look nice when we are done with it. As of now, it is a work in progress and obviously looking like a hot mess but not rushing to simply fill the space will pay off.

Well, I’ve gotta get some stuff together that we are having picked up by the trash company. I hope you all have a great Friday and thanks for reading!


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