Mooooom! I Have No Socks! Warning: may be filled with curse words

This devil spawn child that I birthed 16 years ago is about to be sent off to live in a country where it is normal to: not wash clothes, expect everyone to give them their socks, bathe infrequently and generally live like a disgusting pig. I’m talking about Marshal and the overall grossness that has taken over his life.

This boy refuses to do anything for himself without constant nagging, threats or his preferred method: coddling. My kitchen smells right now because of the odor from his room is seeping up the steps. The odor is of rancid clothes that he leaves lying on the floor, shoved under his bed, on the steps in the bathroom and every where else they could possibly land. The boy refuses to do his laundry, despite knowing how to, and then turns it into everyone elses problem by screaming about not having shorts, underwear, and most frequently socks.

I’ve shown him how to do laundry many times. His friends have shown him how to do laundry many times. He’s done his laundry a few times but will not keep up with it. I would not mind doing his laundry if he actually picked it up off of the floor and put it in the laundry room but that is just too fucking hard for a lazy child. He has worn every pair of my socks after wearing every pair of his and now there are no clean socks to wear. I told him to wear no socks, it’s not my fucking problem.

He’s in his room now though — won’t go to school without socks. Do you think he’s doing wash? No. He “thinks” he’s done all his wash and has kept up with it and everyone steals his socks. I want to punch him so hard. What pisses me off more than how lazy he is, is the fact that he seriously tries to blame everyone else.

He told me he is never doing his laundry again. Three times is enough for him. I told him that is fine, I will throw every last piece of clothing away because it is making my house reek. Seriously, it smells like death. A toxic waste dump. What is wrong with this child???? Oh, I know — he is his fathers son and wants everything done for him. Disgusting.

It really makes me mad because when he was younger he was such a neat freak and very helpful. What is going to happen to this kid? No roommate is ever going to want to live with him. He will stink up the place and steal all their clothes then blame them for it. He isn’t going to be able to take care of himself at this rate. It’s nerve wracking, saddening  and most of all maddening.

I am a clean person. I like order and I like things clean. His father is the same but in a different way. In any case, where the hell did this kid come from and what the fuck am I going to do about it? Cut off the wi-fi. Great. Ignore him. He just won’t go to school. There has to be more that will drive my point home. I’m not his maid and I am seriously fed the fuck up. This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about this topic here.. How can I make it the last????


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