Hoping for the Best Year Yet

Hey, hey! How are you today? I wasn’t able to write yesterday because both of the big kids gave me an awful time about getting up for school and missed their bus. I had to drive them in and then when I got back Henry was awake so I didn’t get the time to write.

The other day we ordered some baby gear and that started coming in yesterday so that was fun. So far we ordered a new tub (which we didn’t really need but is a way better upgrade to the one we have now), a bassinet/rocker thing for the baby to sleep in, a breast pump and bottle supplies. We still need to pick out a car seat and a stroller but I want to check those out in person. It really stinks that we have to replace them because the infant carrier doesn’t get used for too long and to get a double stroller that is compatible with a new car seat is pricy. I am not a fan of big strollers either and Henry prefers to walk most of the time so I am scratching my head about that.

I did find the most beautiful and wonderful set thru UPPA but criminey it costs about $1,000 for what I want. Such a shame because we have one of their strollers already and I love it so, so much. It’s lightweight and super easy to maneuver not to mention how nice it looks but to spend $1,000 (that we don’t have, mind you) on something like that is just not going to happen. Luckily the car seat won’t even be available until August so I can’t obsess about not being able to afford it. I think in the end we will go with a Chicco quick connect set up which is way more affordable (around $200-$300 for car seat and stroller) but like I said I’d want to check them out in person.

Today is my birthday and I am now 37! We don’t have any special plans for the day and I am okay with that. I think Aidan and I will be going out to dinner (and taking Henry) and though I would like to take the big kids too quite frankly I’d rather not because they have been acting up so much lately I’d rather have a nice time without them. That sucks, right? The thing that bothers me the most about it is that it won’t make a difference to them either way. I mean they will be upset not to go out but they won’t change their bad attitudes or even acknowledge why I don’t want them with us. Ugh they are asses.

I  bought a lottery ticket last night, the jackpot was like 260 million. I already know that I didn’t win without even check the numbers because I don’t have rare good luck, just rare bad luck. If I did win however these are some of the things I’d be able to afford and would get almost instantly: the car seat stroller combo from UPPA, a larger vehicle to fit everyone in once the baby comes, I’d hire a cleaning lady to come clean the house super good before the baby comes, I’d hire someone to cook a month or (two’s) worth of meals for when the baby comes. I’d pay off all of our bills and then hire an architect to start the plans on our dream home. I’d also start planning a cruise wedding with all of friends and family. Oh and a Porsche for Aidan. The rest I’d save/invest and be careful about spending. These are all reasonable with the exception of the wedding I think :)

What would you spend lottery winnings on? It’s nice to think about even though for almost all of us it’s just a dream and something that would never happen!

Well, have a great Wednesday, everyone!


13 thoughts on “Hoping for the Best Year Yet


    I have a chicco car seat and stroller in my attic😐. I can’t get rid of it. I’m afraid I’ll get preheat of I do. Lol.

    If I won the lottery, I’d fix this house and sell it so that the new home owners won’t have anything to fix at all. New everything! Then I’d move to the south so that we can all breath better.

    Id take my dad to Hawaii, buy him a house near me. And have him retire. Same with my mom and my sister and my parent in-laws.

    Start a business where most proceeds would go to Children’s hospitals across the country. And donate the rest.

    Maybe, just maybe… Get boobs… B or C nothing crazy. Lol

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    1. Thanks and they all sound like great plans! Do you like the car seat and stroller? My last carrier was Snugli but they don’t make them anymore and I didn’t really like it, the handle felt loose!


      1. I do… Like it, but the car seat is so heavy for me that I used a baby wrap from seventh generation. It was so much easier for me. And there is always a coupon for it. I like to be hands free. But I still love the car seat. The stroller has shocks for smooth riding. Lol I love it!

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  2. First of all–Happy Birthday! I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world…it’s raining here again, but it’s not my birthday until next month so I’ll try not to complain…(what good would it do anyway, right?)
    So exciting that you are picking up your supplies for baby–it must make it seem very real that you’ll soon have a new wee one in your arms. I hope everything goes smoothly for you these next few weeks and you just ‘pop the baby out’ while you’re sitting on your couch watching a sit-com! Hey–it happens on television shows so why not in the real world? Hehehe.
    Enjoy your birthday supper without the big kids–their loss, and hopefully one day soon they’ll both realize that they’re being jerks to you right now. The good thing about teens is that they eventually grow up and become people again–parents just need patience to see those years through, and by now I figure you must have a black belt in patience, so that’s good.
    Here’s a virtual ‘Happy Birthday’ hug for you…enjoy your day.

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    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, it ended up being a really nice day and dinner without the big kids to aggravate me. I felt a little mom guilt for not bringing them but realized it was my birthday and I didn’t want to feel aggravated so I let it go. Rightfully so too as Marshall is acting horrible this morning over socks and I’ve already cut his wi-fi, hello 7am!
      I hope I just pop the baby out like they do on tv, too1 Ha! That would be great, just not on my sofa — I just washed the slip covers yesterday ;)
      Have a great day and thanks for the hug! I loved it :)


  3. Happy birthday ! hope you have a lovely time. the kids will grow out of it – I’m hoping so too because mine drive me crazy as well! If I had loads of money, I’d probably buy a small holding first of all. Anyway, have a good birthday :)

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    1. I hope you are right, about the kids growing out of it.. Marshal is being a demon today so he certainly hasn’t grown overnight! Thanks for the birthday wishes and have a great day!


  4. Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ginger. Happy birthday to you! I hope it’s a wonderful day and that your misbehaving children choose to spend the day taking it easy on you, and you have a nice evening out later on :)

    We looked at the Uppa strollers as well and were a bit stunned by the price. We started looking into cheaper options, but my husband fell in love with the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. I was out of town when I gave him permission to go stroller/car seat shopping, and he ended up going with the City Select and the Peg Perego car seat with attachments. Cost a fortune. Needless to say, everything else we bought was much, much cheaper, and a lot of second hand items are coming that we bought from a friend. Another friend of mine has the Uppa Baby Vista and she loves it. But definitely spent a small fortune on it. One friend of mine’s husband, who is a structural engineer, spent months researching strollers and doing reports on them (he’s a bit crazy I think lol) and after all his research he said that the Baby Jogger City Select stroller came out on top in regards to safety, comfort, flexibility (turning into a double stroller, etc) and everything. Buuuut…yeah…costs a bit of money.

    If I won the lottery I would move our butts out of our 1,000 sqf condo and into a nice actual house, with a yard. I would likely buy a condo for my in-laws since they are both having to work beyond age 65 because they can’t afford to retire and they are renting their home, and don’t have any retirement savings either. I would take a nice trip with my hubby and baby. Buy myself a car. Invest a ton of the money. Throw a bunch of it into my retirement savings. Buy my husband some of the toys he wants, like a 4 wheeler and a jetski. Ohhh the options are endless. But I would definitely be making a big point to be putting a huge amount aside into savings for the kids as well.

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    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Your lottery wish list is a very nice one, good luck :) As far as the strollers, they sure are pricy! At least that was your big splurge, you’ll get a lot of use out if it! Our big splurge on the last one was a top of the line crib that actually wasn’t as nice as the price tag reflected (it was like $1200!) when we had the fire it got all dinged up from the firemen so we got the money back from my insurance company and after waiting for a replacement to come in for over 3 months we cancelled the order and went with a much less expensive one with Pottery Barn which we ended up being very happy with! That was lucky and a lesson for us. Have a great day:)


  5. Yes Happy, Happy Birthday <3 And I came so close to winning that jackpot. I live about 30 miles away from where the winning ticket was bought, and that's as close as I ever get :) I don't even know what I would do with all that money !!! It can cause a lot of problems. I think as long as I am healthy and my people that I love are healthy, money can't really make me anymore happy than that. But I would probably give it to my husband so he would stop worrying about the money all the time <3 Have a great birthday, Ginger… Love ya, Patti

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    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! We didn’t even get one number of the lottery but I’m glad for the person who did win (I suppose, lol) I think being healthy and happy are the two most imortant things, you are right about that! Have a great day!


  6. Happy Birthday, Ginger! Have a great day! Sounds like reasonable dreams including the cruise wedding, if you had that much money.
    I would quit my job, buy a nice RV so I could travel around the country, and probably give all my kids a nice gift. Which would be a lot, since there are 7 of them. And just spend the rest traveling and enjoying life.

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