Half Way Thru the Year

Happy Monday. Hmm. I wonder if anyone will want to punch me in the face for putting those two words together? I dislike the beginning of the week as much as everyone else but maybe if I put a positive word like happy in front of it everything will be okay. Why do the weekends go by so fast anyway? This weekend especially went quick for me though I don’t know why. We weren’t extra busy or anything, the time just flew by.

This morning I have an OB appointment and because I don’t have anyone to watch Henry, I’ll be bringing him along. I think I am going to be examined so that will be pretty awkward. He’s a good little one but doesn’t like being made to sit in his stroller so I’m sure he will fuss while we are in the room. The appointments are always quick though so hopefully he can keep it together for the 10 minutes we are in there.

My first attempt to share a recipe failed miserably because the photos I took didn’t turn out well. Like I said before food is hard to photograph and you really need natural light for it to look best. The 5 pictures I took all turned out blurry because I had no choice but to use overhead lighting. It’s a shame too because the dinner was really good. Such is life.

Henry’s party is creeping up, 5 days away now and I really do not feel like having it. I’m tired and cranky and really in no mood for entertaining. It’s for him (and everyone else) though so that’s that. I don’t know how my mom used to throw all of the elaborate parties that she did. I’m guessing she wasn’t 35 weeks pregnant during any of them, but still. Having a lot of people over is a lot of work.

Years ago I would host huge holiday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and birthdays. I enjoyed it a lot then but I was younger and my ex-husbands family didn’t care about anything except that there was a lot of food, beer, and sports to watch. Those parties would last like 10 hours each and my house was always completely trashed after everyone would finally leave. I was always super drunk so it was fun until the next morning and I was stuck doing a major, mage cleanup on my own.

I’m glad those days are behind me. For real, that family was too wild even for me.

The day will come and go though and really what is important is that we make it a great day for Henry. He won’t officially be 2 until next week, on the 9th but I’m glad we are doing his party a few days early so I can get it over with :) Every week that goes by I have less and less energy to be enthusiastic about anything so I’ll feel better this weekend than the next.

My birthday is this week, on Wednesday and I’ll be turning 37. I’m creeping up on 40 and wow, that’s the age I declared as old when I was younger. I remember feeling some type of way when I turned 30 and now almost 10 more years have passed. I’m certainly not young anymore and this pregnancy makes me feel old and worn down but I know 40 isn’t old. Maybe 50 isn’t either but each milestone year makes you realize how short life really is, doesn’t it?

Alright well I am going to get the big kids up for school in a few minutes. Again, happy Monday, I hope you have a great start to the week! We are half way through the year and summer is practically here, next comes Christmas ;) if that doesn’t make you smile I’m not sure what will.


One thought on “Half Way Thru the Year

  1. Wishing you a Happy Monday and hoping that your week goes well. Maybe when we wish each other happy Mondays, we tap into some good, positive energy that helps it actually be a happy one. :)

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