The Princess and the Pea

Okay, so I totally made the title more glamorous than what my life is but it’s what I thought of when I first woke up. I am not a princess and I didn’t sleep with a pea tucked between many layers of mattresses last night.. I am however 9 months pregnant and feeling like I slept on a bag of rocks, nails, bricks and various other items that wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep on. My body hurts!

Now that that’s out of the way.. How are you? Yesterday turned out to be an okay day here. I didn’t get the dining room detailed but that’s okay, I think I’ll tackle it today. Henry and I just chilled out and played while we waited for the trap guy to come and take away the scary raccoon and remove the traps for good. Aidan and I have agreed it is getting costly to catch the zoo and the traps are really just an eyesore at this point. With Henry’s party coming up in a week we don’t want the traps being a conversation piece.

Henry’s Party — a little planning

For Henry’s party we are doing a construction theme because he loves trucks and all things construction. I’m not going all crazy and getting creative with decorations because well it seems like a waste of money. I will get a bunch of helium balloons though and maybe a little hat for him to wear but that’s about it. I’m fat and cranky, what do you want from me? He won’t remember any of it anyway and I know he will be thrilled enough with his family being here and all the balloons.

As for food, I thought “Construct your own kabob” would be a fun way to go. I’ll have a variety of proteins, veggies and fruits that people can make their own kabobs with. It sounds fun and social and best of all I can prep it all ahead of time with marinade and that makes my life easier. I’ll need to come up with sides of course but I think I’ll just stick to simple salads, etc. My sister-in-law is making an awesome Construction Truck cake that will definitely be the highlight of the day. I’m really grateful to have someone so talented and thoughtful to help me out and make Henry happy!

New Food Feature Planning

Yesterday I realized that I have shared quite a few recipe links here this year. I also realized that I don’t often take photos of the meals I make and kind of just throw them into random posts. I am definitely not a food blogger and I’m not interested in going that route but it seems a shame to not really emphasize enough how easy (and tasty) some of the recipes I use really are. I mean, I cook a lot. And I cook a lot of good food! Most importantly the meals I make aren’t ever difficult,, expensive or take too long to make.


Now, I don’t use my own recipes for the most part, but if I can take the work out of finding easy and good meals for people I probably should help you guys out a little better by making more of an effort to tell you about the meals! I’d like to start a weekly feature of a recipe that I’ve made during the week and take a picture, so you’ll know what the food looks like. I also think it would be a good idea to include any tips and my thoughts about making the food. I think it will be a good way to work on my photography (food is hard to photograph!) and open up a new way for us to connect.

I know a lot of you have the same pressures as I do to get food on the table every night. If anyone is in the same boat as I am what could be better than having a group of friends to rely on in making that easier? My blogging friend Jahaira brought the idea about this up recently and I think it’s a great one so sure, let’s start it! This is my just my spin on the idea, just to get it rolling, but I have to totally give her credit for the social aspect of it, which I think could be the funnest part.

It could be a lot of fun and a great way to try new foods, meet other women and build a new group of blogging friends. Of course, I’m not sure how any of it will work yet, but to start I’ll try to post one meal a week myself and if anyone else is interested I encourage you to do the same! How we will connect them together though, I have no idea at this point, but we can figure that out together if anyone is interested! If there are more than a few of you who want to do it maybe we can create a forum?

Planning Another Theme Change

Another thing I realized is that I am really digging the new theme that WordPress released yesterday, Apostrophe. I LOVE it and I plan on activating it today but there is a lot of work that needs to be done before it looks good with my blog because I don’t always use photos. As with switching your theme at any time there is always work to be done in order to tweak it just so. This switch is going to take a little longer than usual because I have almost 150 posts (!) and most of them don’t have pictures. So.. that’s something for me to work on over the next week. I’m really excited about that theme though and I want it bad enough to take a 100 photos this weekend lol.. Maybe.

Well this post turned into a whole lot of nothing and everything didn’t it? At least it wasn’t full of complaints, right? If you are still reading, have a great Saturday. If not, well have a great day, too!


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