I’m Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

Well, the dumb traps are still here and still working but not catching what we have them for. Let’s see.. To date we have caught:

  • 2 groundhogs
  • 1 skunk
  • 2 opossums
  • 1 raccoon

We’ve been trying to catch the last ground hog and skunk for weeks now to no avail but this morning I saw a large and quite nasty raccoon in one of the traps. Most of the raccoons in our neighborhood have rabies so I am staying faaaaar away from that thing (not that I’d get close if there wasn’t a chance it was rabid!)

Aidan broke out his pellet gun and is threatening to take out all of the squirrels in the yard because he says they are digging up all of the lawn. I am 100% against it because a) I like the squirrels and b) there are probably 6,000 in the neighborhood, so I think it’s pointless. We have been battling it out for a day now and I will really be super pissed if I see him killing my little friends.

What the hell kind of city do we live in here anyway? The only 2 critters we haven’t found in the trap that are locals here are a fox or a rabbit. At least we aren’t catching rats like you’d find downtown, right?

So anyway..

Today I’m 34 weeks pregnant and still cranky as ever. I did get a lot of cleaning done (well a lot in comparison to what I’ve been doing lately) and detailed my living room. Henry helped every step of the way with a mini-swiffer, the broom, the vacuum and  an empty bottle of Method. He’s such a big helper and actually picked up all of his toys for me which was great considering I am not supposed to bend over.

Today I’m going to try detailing the dining room which is essentially empty except for our table set, an area rug and a toy box so it should be quick and painless. If it’s as easy as I think it will be I’ll move on to the kitchen which I feel like is in need of detailing every fucking day. How can one room be such a mess all the time? I swear it’s the worst one in this house. I think it’s because it’s closed off from the rest of the house and I only spend time making messes in there ;)

Well, happy Friday, I hope you all have a great one! I have one week to go before Henry’s 2nd birthday party and even though I just want to not have one I’m trucking forward and hopefully getting stuff ready over the next two days. What are your plans for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “I’m Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

  1. I think I’d be more than just cranky if I were 34 weeks and as busy as you! Hope the birthday party goes well and you manage to get everything sorted.

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  2. Last night I stood and stared into my kitchen and thought the exact same thing…”how the heck did I have it so perfectly clean yesterday and now it looks like this??” I don’t even know how it happens! We live in a 1,000 square foot condo where our kitchen, dining area and living room are all “open concept” so if I decide to relax on the couch and just leave the kitchen mess, I can still see it. I always end up getting up and cleaning. What I wouldn’t give to just be able to shut a door and say “future me can deal with it”.

    The nice thing about the weather is that what they are predicting now can completely change within a few days. So I’m going to put my good weather positive vibes out for you and hope it changes so you can let all those toddlers run around outside instead of cause chaos in the house!

    My weekend plans involve nothing, nothing and more nothing! I might force the husband to take me on a picnic on Saturday though if the weather still stays this amazing!

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    1. I so badly want an open concept! They next house is going to have one for sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing the mess because I’d be on top of it. My main issue here is storage space and not having enough of it so I’m constantly being bothered with things that need to be put into a hard to access pantry. I’d be able to clean a lot faster if I wasn’t always having to put shit away first lol

      You are right about the weather and yes, please send the vibes!

      Your weekend sounds glorious! I hope you enjoy it and if you decide to go on a picnic I hope it is a great time :)


  3. We were hoping to have a quiet weekend, but our in-laws requested my husband’s services and of course that include “help” from their daughter with 3 kids. Since I always get stuck with 5 kids and cooking for 11 people at the same time , I decided that he can go on his own and deal with his family, while I take our kids to the zoo. And we also canceled our Sunday day at the beach because of our yucky weather report. As today…I’m just trying to figure that out.

    I hope your weekend is awesome and that the weather turns up.



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