That Week When I Lost All Enthusiasm

I’ve let another 2 days pass in between blogging and that officially makes May my worst month so far. I haven’t got any reason for not writing except that I am TIRED. You guys are probably sick of hearing about how tired I am but what’s worse is how sick of how tired I am of being tired!

Aside from exhaustion (that I am pretty sure all the other pregnant ladies who are blogging feel) I have really getting angry at my older kids over the past few weeks. It’s like they know I’m feeling down so they might as well go for the gut. They’ve both been blowing curfews, disregarding everything and anything I ask of them, missing their buses for school, skipping classes, making huge messes that they conveniently don’t see, and overall just pushing (punching, really) my buttons.

They both have complained that I’ve been a witch lately but if they’d just get their shit together I’d not complain about what they’ve been doing. Omg, why can’t they just act right? I have a feeling this will be a trend come summer if I don’t get them under control in the next week or two and with a new baby on the way, them misbehaving is NOT something I am going to be happy about (or have the energy for) dealing with during newborn mode.


I wish I could start this paragraph with “In other (better) news” but the truth is I’ve got nothing. Pregnancy brain has fully taken over and I have been losing things left and right. Remember I said that we had a lot of coleus and gladiola bulbs to plant outside? Well the time has come to plant them and guess what? I can’t find the bulbs anywhere. Anywhere. I have no idea what I did with them, they are just gone. I’ve searched this house high and low and the only explanation is that they got mixed in with the trash. Aside from the bulbs we are missing a brand new stapler gun and staples that Aidan got for the beds and a new spicket to put on the outside water line, which were in the same bag as the bulbs at one time. All about $100 plus — just gone. The worst part is that I keep wracking my brains trying to remember what I did with them and looking in the same spots over and over. I’m really upset about this.

At least it is Thursday right? What that really has to do with anything I don’t know, I am just trying to make myself feel better about the dumb week I’ve been having.

I hope things are working out better for all of you this week. I know none of this is terrible, what’s going on here, I just do not have the patience to deal with any of it right now. Boo hoo, right? It will pass, I do know that. Have a great day for me, please ;)

Oh and if you have any pregnancy brain stories to share I’d really appreciate hearing them!


9 thoughts on “That Week When I Lost All Enthusiasm

  1. Oh gosh, I totally feel for you! When I was pregnant, Frankie was two and I was so tired, I would fall asleep on the floor while playing with him. I was sooo miserable, so uncomfortable, so forgetful….and the fact that my hub gave me crap about it, (not our finest moment),made me bitter. So in refuse to have anymore….lol….so I hope you feel better and that everyone starts to help out.

    If I were to get pregnant again, I’d have a family meeting…I think you should have one. ” I need you guys to please help me, I am really exhausted…I need you to please, follow the rules…” And if you need to cry out of frustration, cry (its so hard for me to cry in front of people), but tell them how much you need them. But if that doesn’t work… “What Time is it? You broke curfew, to decided you don’t want your phone…You’ll get your phone back next week!” Hech, I don’t know… I don’t have teenagers, just trying to help because I know how it feels.Oh sweets, I’m going to shut up now, vent all you need…my ears are opened. I wish I lived close, I truly would help you…I don’t cook many dishes, but what I do cook…yum.

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  2. I haven’t had too many cases of baby brain yet, but the worst one was a few weeks ago I was out for lunch with my mom and my aunt. When the waitress brought the debit machine around to pay for my meal, I paid, put my card back in my wallet, put my wallet away and continued on with conversation. No less than 5 minutes later I said to my mom “I wonder when the waitress is going to come and take our payment?” My Mom looked at me like I was crazy and she said “Andrea….you paid just a few minutes ago….” Kind of shocking that I was somehow willing to pay this (terrible) waitress twice!

    I hope your day looks up for you. I wish I had advice on beating the tired but I’m in the same boat myself. I have found that talking to upbeat people helps distract from the tired, at least briefly. Have you got a friend or family member you could call up and chat with for a bit? That might help a tiny bit.

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  3. All I can say is stop and smell the roses. These all sound like 1st world problems :) As long as you are all in good health, it’s just normal crap of everyday living. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but we all know what being a woman and a mom means. We just have to keep on keeping on. We are suppose to be super human and take anything. Most of the time we can and when we can’t, well let’s not talk about those times. A moment in time. I lost my gardening tools. Just blame it on your guy or someone else. That’s what I do. Remember you are never wrong and it is everyone elses fault. And if they want to eat and live indoors in a clean organized home they better get use to it. You have a baby that is going to need you and you get to go to bed with that baby and bond. Tell them all to get over themselves. You just created legs, arms, feet, toes and fingers not to mention a brain with a beating heart. Sorry sometimes people just, for lack of a better word, suck. And then they don’t and we love them again always <3 First there is you period you learn how to deal with, then comes pregnancy and being a mom, and then oh joy just when we thought we had it all down comes menapause. WTF really, it is a long road for a woman and it can be hard and challenging, but we are the queen's of sucking it up. I usually just bake a cake. But if that's to challenging, which sometimes it is, I go buy one at my favorite bakery. Just keep laughing, rent a good funny movie, get something yummy to eat, lock the door and don't open it for any reason (unless there is blood involved) and let the world stop. It will be there after the movie. Have a good day Miss Ginger… Love ya, Scarlett

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  4. Oh, my goodness! I can so relate to your blog. Pregnancy is exhausting, but life still happens. If only everything else would slow down. I have so many pregnancy brain moments. I mix up words. People. Days. And, of course, it all makes sense in my head. I put a donut (with one bite in it) into a plastic baggie and then put it in the pantry. That makes no sense. My husband found it. I barely remembered doing it. I missed school picture day (I wrote a blog called #MomFails are Normal about that one). Anyway, great reading! – Lindsay @

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  5. Hi Ginger! It’s Liz! Wow, long time, no blogging buddies! It’s so good to find your blog and catch up on your life a bit… which sounds hectic and crazy, but I hope that things are going really good for you overall. A new baby to add to the toddler and the teens?! Wow! Sending lots of strength and light to you. And, again, I am just thrilled to get in touch again. :)

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    1. Hey Liz! It’s great to see you again! I’ve been peeking in on you via Instagram and it’s great to see that you are back in Sweden! How exciting! My life is good, I am just a cranky pregnant lady, lol it will pass and the big kids have always given me trouble in one way or another right so it’s really not anything too new :)

      I’m really glad to see you again, are you at a different website? I looked a while ago and it didn’t seem like you were writing much.. Let me know so we can get all caught up! xo

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  6. Love your honesty. I totally feel you with being pregnant and tired! It’s a real struggle, especially if you have other kids to take of too.

    PS – Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Actually glad you did because I’m loving some of the posts I’ve read so far!

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