Happy Memorial Day

Good morning, happy Memorial Day :) I haven’t written in two days and I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog. I wasn’t busy or having the baby or anything, just sleeping late and then taking the days off from writing. Yesterday I had hours and hours to myself when I could have written but I just wasn’t feeling in the mood. Instead I watched A LOT of tv. Sometimes we need to do that you know, be lazy and veg out. I haven’t had a day like that in so long that I don’t even remember the last time. It felt good.

Regina went to the shore for the holiday weekend with her dad. They go down to Ocean City, MD and always have a fun time. Marshall didn’t want to go so he stayed here and had his friend come over. The friend with the crazy mom and yes, she is still crazy. At 11:00am yesterday the police showed up looking for him because she reported him missing, despite him telling her that he’d be here. She even gave them our address because she knew where he was. So he wasn’t missing. ?? I’m still confused about this lady. When she came to pick him up (I’m surprised she came) she didn’t even say anything to me. She wasn’t rude or anything. She’s an odd one.

Aidan took Henry to his parents for a visit yesterday and also took him to get his hair cut. He needed a hair cut so bad and now that I can see his adorable little face he looks so cute. They also went to Target and and Aidan made the first purchase for the baby.. diapers. We are set! Just kidding we still need to get a bassinet and car seat but we will soon. He also picked up a bottle of Dreft so I can start washing some of Henry’s old newborn clothes. I think we have a few neutral outfits but if it’s a girl Aidan will have to go pick out some clothes. I’ll just ask him to take Regina with him so she gets some really cute things on my behalf. It’ll suck if I can’t pick some stuff out but really there will be plenty of time for that.

Well, I don’t have much else to say today but I do hope you have a really nice Memorial Day and hopefully spend the day with your families, grilling or something along those lines!


4 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Glad you had some much-needed time for yourself this weekend. Aiden certainly sounds like a keeper.
    I had a busy weekend here in Canada–I attended a music concert on Sat–full of cute little children playing their cute little fiddles and step-dancing in their cute little shoes, then a neighbourhood pot luck Sat night as a going-away for a neighbour, then another afternoon yesterday of music and singing (and a wee bit of step dancing) and then out to supper last night with some family members, plus throw in several long walks both days and it’s no wonder this bad cold I have won’t go away! Today it is kicking my butt. I drove to the cottage this afternoon hoping to do some spring cleaning but only got the Internet working (an extremely important task!), before I realized that I really needed to be home in my bed! So back home I drove and that’s where I am, coughing my lungs out!
    I’m so disappointed that I didn’t feel like walking far today…I did twenty-three days straight, though, before having to miss a day, so I guess that’s not pretty good. And I hope to be back at it tomorrow if I’m not dead of pneumonia….(just being melodramatic here), although the way I feel right now I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s what I’m getting…time for another nap, if I could only stop coughing enough to settle down. Sucks to be sick, doesn’t it?
    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family and I hope you have a wonderful,short week ahead of you.


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