Who Sucked Out the Feeling?

This morning I have an OB appointment and I’m really happy about that because I have been feeling really cruddy lately. Like, super terrible. I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks non-stop and they are starting to make me worry this baby will be coming early like Henry did. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but being reassured is always a good thing, right?

When Henry was born he arrived 3 weeks early so he was still considered full term but he was tiny. Born at 5 lbs and 11 oz he was the smallest of my three. My other two kids were 6 lbs 4 oz and then 8 lbs 6 oz. As big as I feel right now there really is no way in knowing how big the baby actually is. You never can tell, even with ultra sounds — they aren’t really accurate. I just want this baby to be born full term and healthy of course but I also wish all of this discomfort would stop. There’s no winning and I guess for the next 7 weeks I’m gonna have to deal with it.

This house is a mess. I haven’t been on top of anything and not only is it starting to show around here but it’s making me crazy and cranky. I haven’t had any energy for the past few weeks and these days it’s getting worse. When I push myself to get cleaning done if I bend over the stupid contractions start up. I find it impossible to not bend over so it’s lose, lose :( Aidan has been chipping in a ton — cleaning up the kitchen, doing just about all the laundry, picking up after Henry and more. I’m so grateful he is understanding but I really just want to do it all myself. I enjoy cleaning, it de-stresses me and not being able to do it makes me feel worthless.

There are so many things I want to get done around here before the baby comes and I’ve been given and will get a lot of upcoming opportunities to get them done. The problem is that I seriously have zero energy and I am really hurting. It’s terrible. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for that and I’m not really doing such a thing. I’m honestly just feeling sorry for myself which probably makes it all worse but if there is one thing I love having most in this world (within myself) it’s energy and I’m really feeling miserable without it. My body is happy when it can keep up with my brain and lately I’m just so unbalanced.

I still haven’t touched a paint brush to the living room and I have a ton of baby clothes to wash and organize. The bathroom needs a major cleaning and I’d like to steam mop all the floors. I want to start cooking for the freezer and get life set up to be simple once the baby is here but all I can do these days is think about this list of things. I really hope I’ll get a burst of energy, even if it’s only for one day. I could get some of that done, if not most, in one day. I don’t remember if an energy burst comes at the end of pregnancy. I know nesting kicks in at some point but does that include the adrenaline?

How do you cope when you are feeling this worn down, pregnancy or not? Any tips on pushing through a period of exhaustion like this? I know asking for help is my best bet, but I want to do some of it myself.. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Who Sucked Out the Feeling?

  1. It’s hard when your getting to the end and you have 4 other people to take care of besides yourself. It is humbling, and although you want to get it all wrapped up into a nice little package I don’t think that will happen again for a long time, maybe never. Sit back and relax and learn to roll with the flow. With your family expanding, that is how it is going to work from now on. Too many variables, how you feel, how your family feels, schedules, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. But it’s not bad. I remember and it’s all pretty normal for a family of 6. Just do one thing. Freeze one meal, wash one load of clothes, little bites and it won’t seem so overwhelming. Most importantly I think your body/baby is telling you sit down and rest. Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow, etc. Some how it all gets done <3 Love ya

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  2. If it makes you feel better, I got a burst of energy at the very end of my pregnancies. Mainly, I think I was ready for labor to start and was tired of sitting around waiting for it to start. So I just started doing stuff. The day my middle kid was born, I was out shopping with my oldest that morning. With my youngest, I had just pulled into the Cherry Hill Mall parking lot to go shoe shopping for the other kids when my water broke. :) I know there was some cleaning and cooking in there too.

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    1. Oh yes that does make me feel better! Thank you! I always forget how close we are lol I’m 20 mins from the CH mall, and that must have been exciting/nerve wracking to have your water break there! My water broke with Henry, in my driveway right as I was pulling the groceries out of the trunk I just bought. At least it didn’t happen to us in the stores lol what a mess haha we are wondering if we should get a mattress protector in case that happens again but in the middle of the night! We just got our mattress within the year and they are expensive so that would suck haha oh I hope you are right about the burst of energy, my fingers are definitely crossed!


  3. The other commenter said it best – I am in full agreement. There’s a whole lot on your plate right now, and you’re in the final stretch of pregnancy. This is not an easy season in your life! You owe it to yourself to put your feet up and not worry about getting everything done. There’s *always* going to be something to do.

    Hope this little one cooks for a while longer!

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    1. Its not the best time, I guess the end of any pregnancy isn’t lol! I’ll try not to worry about everything so much but mess makes me stress! The poor souls I live with, they are suffering too by my mouth! I hope this one cooks longer too just not TOO long ;)


  4. Baby steps. Small tasks and things that can be accomplished easily. Starting with those things – and staying focused on each task until its completion – really helps me get my motivation back.

    If it’s really bad, I’ll start in the corner of a room and move outward until, before I know it, it’s done.

    Hang in there. It’s terrible, feeling that way – and having no energy. But do your best and don’t sweat the small stuff (like organizing baby clothes; that will come in its own time).

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    1. Thanks, these are great tips and good advice! I just need to move slower than in used to and get over it I think :) I also need to stop getting aggravated with everyone around me for not reading my mind and knowing what I wished they would help me with lol I just want my body back and what little energy I used to have. Sooner or later, right?

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