“You Gotta Try New Foods Cause They Might Taste Good” – Daniel Tiger

Yesterday flew by for us! It was 10pm when I said to Aidan how fast the day had gone and he agreed. We didn’t really do too much in terms of making the hours fly but for some reason the whole day escaped us really quickly.

Aidan did a lot of work on the back yard and it really is coming together nicely. Even with a third of it in a state of mud where he is growing new grass from seed it still looks good. Today when he gets home from work he will be transplanting the seedlings into the raised beds and getting some other veggie and fruit plants that he bought in there, too! Woo hoo, it’s really happening! Once everything is planted I’ll take some photos and let you know everything we are trying to grow this year!

While he took a break from yard work I put together these nachos that I spotted in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. They looked gorgeous and yummy so I just had to give them a try!


Well, let me tell you.. They were gorgeous but not really what we prefer for nachos. They tasted okay but we prefer other stuff like jalapenos, olives, green onions (and plenty of meat and beans) to pumpkin seeds and radishes (and pomegranate seeds that I didn’t have) on our nachos but hey you have to try new foods, right?


Anyway they were time consuming but easy to put together and if you like to try new recipes and dig the California style of eating, I say give them a try. They were good, just not our taste :) And jeeze, just look how pretty they turned out!


I was playing a bit with my camera yesterday — something I don’t do enough of anymore! I forgot how fun it is to take pictures. These could have turned out better but we wanted to eat them lol

Today I don’t have anything planned except a meeting at 3:30pm with a new company that we will be working with. They aren’t therapists but mentors and should help us in terms of setting goals and reaching them. I hope it will be a quick meeting!

Well, have a great day, I have to go wake Aidan up for work now.


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