When Life Gave Me Lemons

I woke up this morning and like I do every morning, came downstairs to make my coffee. While my coffee was brewing I noticed a Facebook alert that I had a post on this day in 2012. I clicked on the notification to see what I posted because I’m not really one who actually posts things on FB (weird, I know) and was curious to see what I had written.

On this day, 3 years ago, I re-posted this article from Hello Giggles: Top 10 Problems for People Who Don’t Have Real Problems. I figured I’d re-read it this morning and I have to admit these are all things I would complain about now a days. Strangely enough today it is refreshing to me because back in 2012 I had plenty of things to truly complain about. Reading that article this morning made me realize I should stop with all of my bitching and moaning about so many trivial things!

The Struggle was Real

Back in 2012 I was in a bad state. I was going through a long divorce that left me depending on food stamps to feed my family. Today my fridge is full. Three years ago I had two pretty out of control kids, who today are just fairly normal bratty teens. Back in the day when I posted this, I legitimately worried that my utilities would be cut off any day and I worried about where I was getting money to pay my real estate taxes. I was emotionally unstable and didn’t know how I’d be able to afford to put new shoes on my kids feet.

I’ve come such a long way from where I was 3 years ago. Such a long, long way and now I feel so silly that I come on here and complain about a pot being too hard to clean or how I didn’t get a full nights sleep. Back when I posted this article I didn’t know how to sleep at all because I had really serious adult problems and horrible stress that kept me up night after at night.

In any case, I’m glad I re-read that article this morning. At one time I re-posted it because I thought it was funny and even felt bitter that people would complain about the things like I complain about today. This morning I feel just a little sad that I don’t feel thankful for and recognize all that I have in the present time.

Sooo, I decided to look around me and within the first 5 minutes of being awake I recognized that I am happy and quickly 4 things stood out for me.

  • I was able to sleep til 8 am.. I never slept at all in the past.
  • Our refrigerator is bursting with food.. That we paid for!
  • I made coffee like a normal person.. I used to have a broken machine that had to be rigged to work!
  • My Bearded Iris bloomed over night.. The only thought I had on my yard years ago was that my neighbors would call the township on me and complain.

These are four little things that make life good, four little things I would have prayed for 3 years ago just to give me hope that life was going to be okay. These are four joys that I never thought I’d reach. Yet, here they are.

I’m thankful this morning for all the little things that are working out for me every day and yes, even for the little nuisances because they are nothing in comparison to what I’ve already gone through.

If you happen to be going through hard times like I was 3 years ago please know — at any moment your life can turn around. In the blink of an eye things can go from bad to okay to good to great. Please don’t take small things for granted like I’ve been doing. My life certainly turned around in the most amazing ways and I think that everyone has that chance!

What are you thankful for? Is it enough? Even if life is terribly stressful right now I’m sure there is one thing that can bring a smile to your face, you just have to be mindful not to overlook it.

For the fun and reality of it I decided to look back at my old blog and this is what I posted in May of 2011.. Very fitting in the comparison of how life used to be and how it is now!



8 thoughts on “When Life Gave Me Lemons

  1. Three years ago I was going through a divorce too! That’s when I started Journaling like crazy cuz I knew I’d need to remind myself that I was doing the right thing to get away from a seriously mentally ill person. I didn’t have all the financial woes that you mention, but it was a hard time. Life is unimaginably wonderful now! Hard to believe how much things can change in such a short time.

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    1. Isn’t that the truth! I’ll tell you, when you are stuck in the middle of it life feels so hard to control and then in the blink of an eye you are looking back and it just feels so great to have actually gone through it because of what you have now :)

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    1. Thanks Laura, I thought they turned out pretty nice, too! I actually tried with them using the manual settings — something I haven’t done in years :) and yes, we should be thankful for every day!

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  2. I am thankful for you! Because, we all have our struggles and we all are going through journeys. One of the beautiful things about posting about that sleepless night is that when we read it, if reminds us that we are not the only one. And sometimes, it makes us feel normal. ☺

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    1. That’s the truth, so many of us have trouble sleeping! I wonder if that’s always been the case or a sign of the times lol in any case I’m here for you insomnia or not lol


  3. You are so right on. I was actually laying here, unable to sleep and completely angry about it – so silly when there are much worse problems in people’s lives. I read this and it was just the reality check I needed, thanks!! :)


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