Zombie Mommy, Check!

It was a rough night of little sleep last night. I woke up at 2 and decided at 3 to get out of bed. I stayed downstairs until 3:30am too tired to do anything productive but too awake to sleep. I thought I’d try again and last looked at the clock at 4:40. I fell asleep sometime after that but then had to wake up at 6:15 to get the kids up for school. I feel like a zombie right now but I am glad this is the first time in a while that it’s been a night like that.

When Regina gets home from school today I am taking her over to the doctor’s office so her drivers permit application can be signed off on. She was old enough last August to get her permit but at home and school she wasn’t being responsible so I made her wait until I felt she was in a better place. Oh boy, like so many other parents whose kids are learning to drive I feel very nervous. I think she will be fine but I’m still worried! Aidan is going to teach her at first because my anxiety won’t help her learn.

Other than the doctors the only other plan I have for today is to get a shower! In fact I am going to try to get one now, before Aidan leaves for work. TGIF! I hope you have a great end to the work week!


4 thoughts on “Zombie Mommy, Check!

  1. All of my kids didn’t get a license till they were 18. It just worked out that way and I am glad it did. I think the older the better, more mature and can make better judgements. I think the law of the land should be 18 years old, w/exceptions for special circumstances.

    I hate when I don’t sleep it is the worst. I don’t know how you feel about prayer, but I read somewhere that when you can’t sleep instead of counting sheep pray the alphabet. I tried it the other night I got to letter “L”… It was kind of fun <3 Have a great weekend Ginger !!!


  2. Another blogger to join me on “team no sleep”!!!! not that this is anything to celebrate lol. The zombie feeling is the worst. Where you are physically there, but mentally somewhere else in the clouds. I hope you get a couple opportunities to rest up today, or else have a nice relaxing weekend planned :)

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    1. I want to comment on your post about that still, I liked it but have some stuff to say, when Henry gives me a few minutes to myself I will get over there lol


  3. One word: Unisom. Without it, I would be a total Mombie, haha. One pill instead of two puts me into a nice slumber but not a dead sleep – enough that I can fall asleep but not so knock-out that I can’t hear if MiniMort stirs in her sleep.

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